Zlatan better than van basten

id say without a doubt

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Former Milan and Juventus coach Fabio Capello has always been an admirer of new Barcelona star Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He tried to sign him from Ajax during his period as Roma coach, and finally got to work with him at Juve between 2004 and 2006.

The current England boss thinks the former Inter man can become greater than Dutch legend Marco Van Basten, a player he also worked with in the early 1990s when he coached Milan.

“When Zlatan arrived in Italy he was a rough diamond,” Capello said to La Repubblica. "But now he is very complete, the best striker in the world and he’s impossible to mark inside the area. I know comparing Van Basten to Ibrahimovic is like comparing Picasso to Rothko, but I believe that because of his power and his technique Zlatan will become stronger than Marco.

“Zlatan needed to learn and mature, but he’s an intelligent lad. He also has an incredible gift for maintaining his position, freeing himself from defenders and at the same time seeing a pass, a space or a chance to shoot.”

The highly respected coach continued to compare the two players, "Marco was born with the ball at his feet, in his case it’s something innate. Meanwhile, Zlatan was too in love with the ball, it seemed like he enjoyed more playing tricks with the ball than trying to shoot.

“That changed when I showed him Van Basten’s videos. Since then he plays much closer to the penalty box. What Van Basten and Ibra have in common is their natural elegance. We’re talking about giants who are like poetry in movement.”

obviously its is he better than van basten was at his peak

[quote=“north county corncrake”]id say without a doubt

poll to follow[/quote]

What the fuck are you smoking? Did you ever actually see Van Basten play. :smiley:


You sir are an idiot then

Not in a million years.

& capello? you think you are more clued him than him:rolleyes:

im only sorry capello pipped me to the rothko quip which was on the tip of my tongue

Who is this Van Basten fella?

an imposter compared to zlatan,

im pissed off i didnt make th poll public so i could see who the mongs are voting against zlatan

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dont be so hard on yourself Gman

I would also qualify as a mong by the outline laid down here.

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Look it’s clear to anyone who knows the slightest thing about soccerball that Zlatan is the greatest exponent of the game ever to be seen.

ah no, I may as well face reality. I think Van Basten is a vastly better player than Zlatan, so therefore I am a mong. I’ll never improve if I dont face facts.

Van Basten was an absolutely sensational footballer, one of the great strikers. But he wasn’t a patch on Zlatan, in my opinion. Zlatan is a truly awesome footballer, my favourite of all time after Totti.





Football meant more to me when Marco was playing, I was younger back then, easier influenced perhaps, but Marco left a far greater impression on me.