100 reasons not to vote Fianna Fail

This is a handy resource where you can compile 100* seperate incidents, gaffes or bits of corruption where FF incompetence, greed and corruption has manifested itself.

*I am resticting this to 100 as I want the incidents to be top qualifty.

I will begin…please number your listed items and only add one per post so others can join in the fun.

1. Electonic Voting machine fiasco.


I will leave you rank them yourself but can you give me one other reason to vote for someone else??

This is not an exercise in ranking, it’s merely a list of cuntish stuff they’ve done. Long winded reasons why we should vote for someone else is not the point of this thread, we are dealing solely in the negative here.

legitimate expenses

  1. Electonic Voting machine fiasco.
  2. Bertie

Could you be more specific there regarding ‘legitimate expenses’, TC? Are you referring to a soundbyte uttered by an FF TD or just expenses in general?

I will add…

  1. Michael ‘Stroke’ Fahy

that lad living in cork or dublin
Timmy ‘‘wrong button’’ Dooley

Allowing the greens to ride roughshod over them and hold the country to ransom in the process.

Iodine tablets. :lol:

Calling themselves a Republican Party when they only operate in part of the country

Their vicious Gestapo-style crack down they ordered when some beatnik humourously hung a few pics of Brian Cowen in the National Gallery.

Ill be voting for Bobby Aylward,the Aylwards are alright sorts.

Charlie “when I have it, I spend it, when don’t, I won’t” McCreevy

John “I’m Expenses Man, went to Cheltenham and Cannes,
I won’t be flying Ryanair yet, I think I’ll stick to the government jet” O’Donoghue

Batt O’Keefe’s fucking despicable stance on special needs classes is enough for me. An utter cunt of a man. And a complete buffoon to boot.

People really need to read to rules

  1. Ivor Calley


  1. The continued failure to build a dedicated cystic fibrosis unit despite it being promised since 1993.
  1. West Link…sold out for a pittance*…bought out for half a billion.

*Nothing to do with people like Pee Flynn receiving largesse from National Toll Roads.

  1. They are all cunts.
  1. Demanding Primetime run a pre-packaged special on benefit fraud two days before they hammered social welfare in the budget.
  1. Niall Collins