2013 Lakeside World Darts Championships

What a mouthwatering draw.

Green v Kist.

O’Shea v Walton.

And many, many more intriguing battles.

I wonder if The Bullet Bunting will build on becoming the first man ever to win the World Masters triple crown - Teenage, Youth and now Adult Masters champion.

Bring on the blue riband darting event. :clap:

I wasn’t even aware the draw was taking place today so I was taken by surprise by this thread. But then that’s the beauty of the BDO. It’s so unpredictable.

Great to see Ireland will have representation on the Lakeside stage again with Jason Cullen taking on Yorkshire’s Martin Atkins.

Martin Adams v Jimmy Hendriks will be pure rock ‘n’ roll. The young Dutchman has the talent to beat the England captain but the question is - is he experienced enough to handle the pressure of the famous Lakeside stage?

Here’s the full draw:

Darryl Fitton (16) v Benito van de Pas (Ned)

Stephen Bunting (Eng) (1) v James Wilson (Eng)

Alan Norris (Eng) (9) v Wayne Warren (Wal)

Wesley Harms (Ned) (8) v Rune David (Nor)

Scott Mitchell (Eng) (12) v Mark Barilli (Sco)

Robbie Green (Eng) (5) v Christian Kist (Ned)

Steve Douglas (Eng) (13) v Gary Stone (Sco)

Tony O’Shea (Eng) (4) v John Walton (Eng)

Richie George (Eng) (15) v Dave Prins (Eng)

Martin Adams (Eng) (2) v Jimmy Hendriks (Ned)

Gary Robson (Eng) (10) v Garry Thompson (Eng)

Jan Dekker (Eng) (7) v Jeffrey de Graaf (Ned)

Martin Atkins (Eng) (11) v Jason Cullen (Ire)

Ross Montgomery (Sco) (6) v Paul Jennings (Eng)

Geert de Vos (Bel) (14) v Tony Eccles (Eng)

Scott Waites (Eng) (3) v Willy van de Wiel (Ned)

Has Tony Fleet retired? :lol:

He joined the PDC :lol:

That’s Wexford’s Jason Cullen by the way, Bandage.

[quote=“Sidney, post: 719137”]
He joined the PDC

That’s Wexford’s Jason Cullen by the way, Bandage.[/quote]

Greatest Wexford achievement since Rodney Goggins won the World Under 21 (or 23) Snooker Championship in the 1990s.

Kist isn’t even seeded and he won it last year. Shows what a joke it is when a qualifier can come though and win it, think he was ranked no.7 in Holland last year when he won it. Yes, that’s right he was ranked the 7th best player in Holland when he won the lakeside cup.

Nah, it just shows the strength in depth of the BDO Dunph.


Great to see you’re getting the hang of the darts, Mac. :clap:

The BDO has some cracking good players in fairness, BUT the early rounds are unbelievably shite. Better matches in the PDC every year.

The bdo died when Ted Hankey left and joined the PDC earlier this year.

Scott Waites has continued his build up to the World Pro by annexing the Czech Open in Prague today. He’s really in a rich vein of form lately. :clap:

I pay no attention to the BDO, but the reason Kist is unranked I assume is because he’s been injured most of the season?

He’s 8/1 to win it and that looks great value.

I read yesterday that defending champion Scott Waites has failed to qualify for this year’s Zuiderduin Masters.

An incredible testament to the strength in depth of the BDO.

Should be Dutch dynamite next week.

What an oppurtunity for darts fans thanks to World Championship sponsors Holsten:


That prelude to the final involving the winners of the beer challenge will probably be better than the final itself.

Only 4 more days until action gets underway at The Lakeside where the best players in the world will battle for the ultimate prize in darts.

Could we get predictions on this thread please? I’m going for Scotty Waites to finally end his hoodoo at the home of darts. Yes, Scotty to win but it’s certainly no formality.

As we all know, anything, absolutely anything, can happen on the fiery furnace of the Lakeside stage.

Wet farts is about the most exciting thing to be expected on that stage in the early rounds of this sham of a show.

This thread will suffice for now until the “BDO Amateur Pub Championships official thread” is set up,

Fuck off, you cunt.