2016 All Ireland Hurling Semi Final - Galway v Tipperary - Game, Set & Match to Tipp

Don’t hold back lads, I’m looking at you @maroonandwhite and @the_man_himself

We haven’t a hope, Galway are unstoppable & Cody knows that too after today.

Dunno if i’ll bother even watching it.

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not from me pal, we’re equals now, not disrespected. I hope all TFKers make the trip and enjoy the day.

Tipp will walk this and the final as well. Seamie Callanan is the greatest forward to ever play the game, we were very lucky last year, Hansbury’s spear tackle that almost ended his life, and the umpire saved us. The whole country wants a Kilkenny Tipp final, we are only a nuisance at this stage. Brick Walsh said after the game today that Tipp and Kilkenny are miles ahead of everyone else, that’s enough for me.


Well said. We’ll win this by 10 points

This years chipp won’t lose this game.
Last years chipp thought they had it won before it started.

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Galway will need today’s level of intensity plus a contribution akin to last year from Whelan, Flynn and Mannion to have any chance. Only Callinan and at a push Barrett performed for Chipp last year so they’ll be lowering the blade from the off in terms of focus.
Chipp have improved from last year, not sure yet if Galway have. That was a terrible Clare outfit they beat today . A team of boys

It should be a good game anyway, like last year hopefully. Both teams are actually quite different to last year, but in reality neither have been really been tested yet, as the provincial championships are about as relevant as the league these days. Sad to say we haven’t had one good game yet this year, in fact this year is even worse than last year.

this year is a carbon copy of last year, the only difference being tipp had no challenge in the munster final. as terrible as it is to be constantly losing to kilkenny, they are the litmus test, and we’d be sharper from that than tipp would be from their cakewalk through munster, might not be enough but should ensure a good game.

Did anyone else find themselves nodding in agreement with that post?

I’ll be in attendance. I’m already looking forward to game hopefully it’s a repeat of last years classic. I hope win galway win and they meet Waterford in the final. I have been at every all Ireland since 06 and tipp/Galway v kk is getting very stale for me.

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We haven’t a hope.
Galway are sheer class and this is their year. The dogs on the street know it.
We all know it.
My kids were all about the day out to croke pk next month but now they want to just go to tayto park instead. They couldn’t handle the jeering from other fans two years in a row.

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The Galway lads rolling over here to let the Tipp lads tickle their bellies is sickening.

Don’t subject your poor children to it, i’d be wary of letting them even watch it on TV.

Christ it’s awful knowing a hiding is coming our way isn’t it?

Galway will beat Tipp handy and will have another crack for an All Ireland. It would be great for these lads to win one but this is the Cody era and it’s never been tougher in History to win an All-Ireland(bar the odd freak year like '13). Still though, all you can do is keep trying and if they get the bit of luck on the day you never know.
Roll on September baby!


Could be another belter, both confident, both physically impressive, bother play reasonably standard set ups.

Last year’s semi and this years League encounter suggest a serious rivalry is developing between Tipp and Galway but the reality is Galway played Tipp off the park last year and bar Seamie Callinan would have won by double scores. Galway have tightened up considerably at the back this year and Callinan will never have another game like that in his life so hard to see how Tipp are going to cope.

As for this years league Galway were way behind the other counties coming into this year and would have undergone a heavy training workload the week of that match so the fact that the best Tipp could manage was snatch a last second draw doesn’t bode well for their chances now that Galway are up and running in earnest.


Calling @Brimmer_Bradley

i wonder is there someone on the Galway panel who has played illegally in the States or UK?

Is Denton still alive? Would he referee a one off game?

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You can’t take league form into account . Clare are league champions and where are they this evening?I agree that Galway are improving but to suggest that Tipp have not progressed since last year is pure ridiculous. Physically, they are in way better condition then last year. They have done a Kilkenny in Munster without breaking a sweat and will be well up for it.

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Fuck the league mate, ye have every chance.

Arguably Galway have just as many dangerous forwards…Tipps backs are v strong though…the likes of Cahill and Barrett are exceptionally stong and won’t give Galway any easy scores or frees.

Barry isn’t a bad FB either so Galway will have to up it a lot from todays showing imo, it can be done though.

I’m looking forward to it, Ye owe them one.