2017 All Ireland Football Final - Mayo v Dublin - The home of Granuaile

Year seven of the team that beat Mayo in their last championship outing being crowned champions…

Or Mayo winning the fucking lot…

Bring it on.


And so it goes

Colm Boyle was class yesterday. Nice piece highlighting his influence.

Surely this will be a stroll in the park for Dublin?

Mayo will be buzzing but they don’t have the forwards or the bench. Andy Moran will get his first tough game of the year. He won’t be skinning Jonny Cooper.

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God it would be great if Dublin bate them by 15 points.

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How many players has that horrible prick Cillian O’Connor got black carded or tried to get black carded in the last season and a bit by either A) running straight into them on purpose and diving to the ground; or B) sizing up someone making a genuine run, stepping across into their line to initiate a collision and then diving to the ground?

I can think of the following off the top of my head:

  1. James McCarthy drawn final last year: Awarded black card after a (B);
  2. John Small replay last year: Failed attempt to draw the black card with a mix of (A) and (B). Was awarded a yellow.
  3. Tomás Flynn Connacht semi this year: Awarded a back card after an (A). This one was particularly disgusting.
  4. Darren O’Sullivan yesterday: Awarded a black card after a (B).

Diarmuid seems like a nice, honest to goodness rural chap but “the brother” is vile.



Its poor, I’ll grant you that but is he the only one?

Mayo will need the game of their lives to win this and for Dublin to have an off day.

He threw a very very high elbow shielding the ball yest in first half too

Shoulda seen a red against Roscommon for bulldozing their centre back as well

What do ye want me to do about it lads?

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I’d love to see Mayo and Galway win the two finals

That was in reply to @Bandage’s

But if you want to help, you can give that little scut a talking to. His tantrums are unseemly

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Good man. I’d like to see Waterford myself. Nothing against Galway but a lot of connections in Waterford.

Leave it with me

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Would love to see Mayo do it but fucking hell it looks near impossible to beat Dublin right now,spend the next 3 weeks praying for rain.

They’ll need more than rain I’m afraid.

The Flynn incident was a (B).