2017 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


Two shit teams, Dublin will wipe the floor with whoever wins despite what @Sidney says.


Do you have sunstroke ?


Cribbin should see red here.




The sun isn’t shining in the west, mate.


Reilly taken off is a big win for Kildare tactically.

Meath are very very young


Looked deliberate to me. He left in the knee and made a poor job of concealing it.


You should go outside sid,it splitting the stones


Not in my part of the west. It’s very overcast here.


I hate tautology.

“Player X brings his PERSONAL tally to…”

2-15 to 0-11.

Daniel Flynn just brought his tally to 1-4 from play.


Given the amount of possession Kevin Feely has had in this match, I guess you could call him Touchy Feely.


Meath teams have lost any of the serious bite they used to possess in spades. Seems to be no sunshine on the horizon for Meath.



Do you know if there is some sort of rule there mandating the referee to play extra time.
4 minutes of extra time have just been announced in Tullamore and tbh there is absolutely no point in it


Proper time now being added on for subs since and including last year’s champo.


Thanks for that. I just couldn’t see the point in it. That’s all


Kildare #12’s bird straight onto the pitch at full time for kisses and cuddles. Now he’s posing for a photo with herself and his mam and dad.

Kildare 2-16 Meath 0-13. FT.

Kildare were pretty impressive there.


Jaysus that Kildare accent is horrible


She didn’t look great either




The Athy accent is a thing of beauty

Not forgetting the bastardized Dublin wannabe accent of Leixlip etc