2017 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


I’d hold judgement on them. They are very young


Was at this. Bit of any anticlimax on a perfect night with a huge crowd itching dor a good game. Even the Kildare crowd was a bit subdued after.
As has been pointed out Kildare full back line were dominant.and Meath didn’t have a clue what to do. I was very close to Meath bench and it was a bit shambolic. Lots of discussion with no end result. McEntee kept coming over to consult with the meanest looking man I’ve seen in an age. Typical Meath hardy cunt in his day I’d imagine who’d ate you without salt.
Didn’t see what Cribbin did for his yellow but he softened the cough of the hitherto impressive Ó Caoileán. He ran scared for the rest of the game.


I was quite impressed by Kildare there. I was too in the Division 2 league final. Apparently that match got quite a poor write up. I don’t know why that was as it featured two teams could both be pushing top 4 before very long.

I get a sort of a Wexford hurlers vibe from them in that they do look to have come on a ton since last year. Meath aren’t world beaters but they’re better they were last year and Kildare held them off comfortably.

Just looking at their forward line, it looks really good and physical with good finishing ability. And they’re really strong down the middle in all areas.

With Dublin without Dermo and MDMA, I think there’s the potential there for a shock. It might be too soon for Kildare to win but I think they’ll go close at least.


Ya i agree. It would still be a massive turn up but their physicality and movement is impressive. Even beyond what i expected at this point in their progression.

The fast ground has really helped them


Their physicality is impressive as they have a chunk of them are returning as failures from normal sports


Prob the brother Gerry who’s the right hand man and a proper scorpy cunt but is as sharp as they come.


Just Google imaged him and you’re right. We figured that’s who it might be earlier. He’s one surly hoor. He’d scare the shite out of you if you were in for an operation in the Mater


Kev, what do you mean by this?


He is old school in his running methods. Its hard and heavy. Injuries are reasonably common. But they don’t seem to start with good warm ups and speed work. This, i believe, is a common reason for slow starts.
However they are always full of endurance. What you find with alot of these types of teams is they often get comfortable going behind and it becomes a pattern to finish strong.
McEntee is that type of coach.


Dublin have not been at their best since the 2016 league final. Only for Stephen Rochford’s goalkeeping selection brain fart I think Mayo would have won the replay last year. Kildare will go very close. No harm either. Leinster Football has been depressing to watch for the last few years.


Qualifier Draw Round 2A

Mayo v Derry
Donegal v Longford
Laois v Clare
Meath v Sligo


Mayo, Donegal and Meath should progress comfortably. Laois and Clare 50/50.


Agree with that. Round 3A is the 4 winners drawn against each other, isn’t it ?


Yes. Could be some good games there.


Comfortable predictions there really.

Mayo, Donegal, Clare and Meath

Nice quad bet.

Mind you there is almost always 1 upset at this stage. Longford might worth having a seperate flutter on to offset


Laois and Clare is a 50/50 game.


Paddy Powers go Evens on both alright. I would lean towards Clare myself but it’s a hard one to call.


Laois are ridiculously fragile mentally. They’ll be flying it racking up a score and then collapse like a cheap hooker punched in the stomach by a man with sores on his fists. They are simply unbackable, even, or especially at home.


I thought this is supposed to be the worst Laois team in living memory?


Clare will beat Laois pulling up.