2017 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


And you change the slant from his lack of movement to who he has to mark after I’ve shown you to be wrong on that.

Predictable and complete bullshit.


He’s not even being marked for the first one you dose. Both plays come from dead balls. For the throw in, Tyrone are set up in a traditional shape, O’Shea rampages through the middle and draws loads of bodies towards him creating space and time for a simple score for O’Connor.

For the sideline one, McNamee and McCrory are asleep, they both catch on late to Moran’s run, both go for Moran and Moran slips it back to O’Connor who finishes well.

Neither are hallmarks of great movement.


He received the pass from Moran and was faced with Ronan McNamee, and McCrory coming back to cover as well. He took on McNamee and left him for dead, slotting the ball over from a difficult angle with another Tyrone defender coming out to face him.

In the other movement of play he clearly heads out by McCarron, losing McCrory in the process, and then ghosts away from him to support O’Shea’s run. McCrory was left at sea and McCarron wasn’t awake to the danger that O’Connor had created.

You can’t put down all of his good movement to the opposition being asleep.


I don’t know which of ye is worse :grinning:


I’m just presenting the facts to him and he can’t handle it at all :slight_smile:


Facts that present a very unconvincing argument.


Only to those who are be blind and biased to see it.


As you have alluded to Tyrone were asleep. The ball went, Tyrone players switched off and O’Connor with a bit of quick thinking manufactured a score. It does not constitute good movement though as his movement is poor which is why he tends to struggle from play in big games. He’s very dependent on Andy Moran beside him to make the space and win the ball for him, he’s not able to do that himself.


To those who actually understand the game and have seen O’Connor live, they will know his movement isn’t good enough. He doesn’t want the ball.


Utter scutter.

In the two examples his lost his marker and even when he was face with McNamee he simply round him and scored from a tight angle.

What I alluded to was you claiming he excellent movement was down to Tyrone switching off. This was not the case and you’d have to be a a very stubborn and biased individual to claim that in the face of the video clip and pictorial evidence I gave you.


You don’t even understand that a draw is better is than a loss.

Anyone with two eyes in their head can see it from everything that I’ve posted above that O’Connor has excellent movement. Only a biased man would have the complete audacity to disagree in the face of such evidence.


You forget about the biased mans followers mate,
It’s frankly ridiculous that COC’s movement is being used as a stick to beat him with, clueless in the extreme, you’re wasting your time mate.


+1. We’ve got a lot of posters who rely almost exclusively on TV and internet (like the Galway lads and @croppy_boy) and probably haven’t seen O’Connor play in the flesh more than once or twice.

He relies almost totally on players bursting through the middle (O’Shea and marauding defenders usually) and Andy Moran’s outstanding and unselfish movement. O’Connor generally looks for a handpass or comes on a basic wrap around when the defensive attention is diverted to these other players who have actually won the hard possession (e.g. equaliser in AIF last year) but nobody has questioned his accuracy.

He’s a very good shooter and free taker but his movement and pace is below average. He’s also weak on his left foot as the poor point attempt which hit the bar on Sunday showed.

He spends large parts of games completely stationary, standing behind his man and pointing / gesticulating at the man in possession to recycle the ball or take it in another direction. He’s completely the opposite of Stephen O’Neill whose movement was exemplary.


Ah it’s good to point out an flawed argument like that. The last thing you’d want is a newbie coming on here and thinking that we let that shit fly here.

It’s getting as ridiculous as his arguments about Messi and the Gooch at this stage.


Jesus will you stop trying to rile him up


My God imagine using a primary source as evidence. I don’t know what I was thinking of.

I’ve seen him play in person 4/5 times at this stage I think. He wins plenty of his own ball despite his lack of speed off the mark.

I seriously can’t believe that you’re using the Mayo game plan of having big players draw away marker to allow him shoot as a stick to beat him with. Next thing you’ll be criticising Robbie Keane for relying on Niall Quinn to knock the ball on with a header against Germany in 2002 :slight_smile:


I’ve seen him play in person at least 13 times and I disagree.

So there.


Oh no! A level headed and non biased person who makes salient points and leave his (or her) opinion out of it has backed him/them up.

Wait, I was wrong, it’s @Sidney

Carry on :sunglasses:


You’re fucked now, at least nobody who’s walked the walk up to Siggersson level has weighed in against you. :cold_sweat:


How can you lose a marker from a dead ball? McNamee was tasked with making Moran, he let him run, two players were dragged to Moran who slipped it to O’Connor who was free and scored a point. In case you didn’t know, you can’t mark a man who is taking a dead ball, you raving spazzy.