2017 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


What exactly is McNamee up to here so?


I don’t know Cillian O’Connor but I dislike the bloke purely from watching his actions on the field.

For example I recall him jumping around and banging the ground trying to get the ref’s attention in the replay last year against the Dubs when he was barely touched.

He also has a head on him that you’d love to smack.

To me he epitomises the arsehole modern day player. Delights in being seen as an athlete and all that goes with it when in the end he has fuck all to back it up. I am sure he was one of the players who wanted rid of Connelly/Holmes because they didn’t meet the level of perfection in coaching that the players demand - fuck off win an All Ireland before you can start making such ‘demands’.

That said I think he is a good player. He rarely misses his frees and has gotten a few big scores for Mayo down the years including an equaliser in 2015 semi in Croker versus Dublin, He is nowhere near the level of Padraic Joyce though.


He’s after running out of his full back position to meet O’Connor who was free all to do with a great selfless run from Moran. O’Connor takes his score well but the good movement is all from Moran, he runs across the face of the goal, takes two Tyrone men to him and slips the ball to an unmarked O’Connor.


Can you really not see what is in front of you. Moran makes the run for to recieve the ball and McCrory goes to cover him while McNamee waits to face the oncoming O’Connor. O’Connor ghosts past him and leaves him for dead scoring from about seven yards out and outside of the parallelogram.

There is none so blind as he who cannot see.


An excellent player throughout his career. His utter roasting of the then All Ireland winning and All Star full back Michael Shields from Cork in the 2011 quarter was one of the great Croke Park performances.


I played sigerson and I can confirm that O’Connor is a chump


Problem as I see it is that a few people have developed a strange personal dislike to the player and it’s clearly clouding their judgement of his merits as a footballer, I’ve never met him so I can’t make that call but he’s a really good footballer.


Fuck. :astonished:


That never happened.


I’m somebody who is i) actually knowledgeable about the game and ii) has seen O’Connor play numerous times in person.

You fail on both counts.

Wearing sunglasses indoors, as you admit to doing, is not the best way to see what’s happening on a Gaelic football pitch.


Look, COC is a good player, but not a great player.

Move the fuck on.


Have you seen who’s arguing here FFS?!!


I agree with that. I wouldn’t have him up there with the like of Joyce, Cooper, Canavan, Forde, etc but I would have him as one of the best in the country at the minute.


The guy has lovely technique and is well able to take a score - Not as dynamic or robust as others but you can’t have it all … I mean, FFS!


Yep. He also looks like a fella who tries to get the most out of his abilities, for both himself, and more importantly the team. In fact, he would appear to be the ultimate team player. Has a nasty streak, but (to the best of my knowledge) I haven’t seen him push an official, or go to the CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC and DRA to appeal any suspension, and I’m pretty sure he’s never been in the courts for assaulting a fella in a bar. All in all, I’m not sure what the fuss is about.


He’s a great player when he isn’t hiding


That’s like saying Theresa May is a great election campaigner when she isn’t hiding.


I laughed at this

I think Peadar might be better off if the players did go back to their clubs.


Whatever about Peadar, I think the players might anyway.


The first big argument of the summer and its only June. :slight_smile: