2018–19 UEFA Nations League and UEFA 2020 qualifying thread

kicking this off
international football as we know it is changing
i was under the imnpression qualifying for UEFA 2020 was starting in september 2018, how wrong i was
UEFA 2020 qualification is happening in the 2019 calender year - draw dublin dec.2018
in 2018/19 we have the UEFA nations league , draw Lausanne - Jan 2018

both are linked somehow

Can anyone actually explain what’s going on? Is the Nations League a glorified friendly tournament?

There are no such things as friendlies anymore

qualification and rankings are dependent on this

Test matches?

i actually cant
i think when people heard the draw for the qualifiers was in dec 2018 in dublin and not dec 2017 that the confusion is now reigning

I still don’t get it. This article is too long.

this replaces friendlies, its basically a league with top 4 teams getting automatic qualification to the euros

if they have already qualified through the normal qualification process the next best team gets through

Its on bitches

It;s a load of bollocks, could they not just have left it as it was?

No. Stadia like Wembley need to be filled, and playing shit like Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania and Malta just isnt gonna fucking do it.

Ok so I’ve had a read and from what I can gather you’d nearly be better off in pool 4.
Top 4 teams in each league, who haven’t qualified for the Euros, playoff with 1 place in the euros for the winners. Meaning one of these will qualify for Euro 2020; Azerbaijan, FYR Macedonia, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Latvia, Faroe Islands, Luxembourg, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Liechtenstein, Malta, Andorra, Kosovo, San Marino, Gibraltar
The only advantage to be in higher pools would be that if most of the other teams in your pool qualified you might make the playoff without doing particularly well.
It seems like a pile of absolute bollox.

So if we were to top our group in this we could have a playoff spot secured before qualifying actually kicks off?

Sports administrators aren’t very good at leaving well enough alone .

Imagine the poor cunts who win their quarter final in Baku having to fly back to Wembley for a semi-final.

It’s absurd.

No. You could have a playoff spot secured in the league playoff, which is separate.
There will be no playoffs for Euro 2020. 10 groups top 2 through. End of.
The final four places will be given to the winner of each playoff league. 1 for winner of 1, one for winner of 2 etc.
If you have already qualified by normal qualification process you do not play in the playoff. So say the top 4 in league 1 have already qualified, then the next 4 would be in the playoff. I’ve no idea what happens if everyone in league 1 has already qualified.

Ok so to answer my own question. If there aren’t 4 teams in division one who haven’t qualified then teams from division 2 who haven’t qualified and aren’t in the playoffs in division 2 will get in. So you’d nearly be guaranteed to make the playoffs at that rate. :thinking: You’d imagine at least 16 of the top 24 teams would finish in the top two.

_If a group winner has already qualified via the European Qualifiers, then their spot will go to the next best-ranked team in their league. If a league does not have four teams to compete, the remaining slots are allocated to teams from another league, according to the overall UEFA Nations League ranking. _
Each league will have a path of its own and each path will feature two single-leg semi-finals and one single-leg final. The winner of each path will win a ticket to UEFA EURO 2020.

A group with ourselves, Wales and The North would be tasty (if not pretty)

We had a Mickey mouse tournament like that before and we won it.

Weird, I have no memory of that at all.

We also had the Carling Nations Cup which we also won of course.