2018–19 UEFA Nations League and UEFA 2020 qualifying thread


@Sidney, what pot do you think we will be in for the Euro 2020 qualifying? I see the draw for the qualifiers will be held in the Convention Centre in December, another coup by Mr Delaney bringing the eyes of world football to Dublin again.


Go to top of thread. Draw not til December next year and we have a whole Nations League (and World Cup) before seedings will be determined.


Draw is on today


I don’t think it has caught on .


it hasn’t started yet mate


Tell me when it does start , thanks .


scenes as league D is complete


Offfttt. Group one is a group of death.


League C is underway

bizarre that macedonia are down in league D after been very good in the last campaign and a very good u-21 side


Jari fuckin Litmanen guys, killing it in that suit.



we’re up…


When I think of how Houllier & Van Gaal wasted that mans prime :disappointed_relieved:


Some serious dross going to qualify for the Euros through this shite.


Vladi’s looking healthy and well. A real reunion here.


Uh oh


Rep Ireland




Sensible decision not to let Russia and Ukraine share a group


russia draw with ukraine and draw voided!