2018/2019 Irish Jumps trainers championships (horses)


season gets going at 5pm in Kilbeggan on Monday evening
who are the ones to keep an eye on this season?- hope all have recovered from the one day season break by the way


There will be a huge sense of optimism for supporters of all training operations ahead of the big jump-off, with banter aplenty at workplaces all across the country on Monday, each supporter claiming that “this will be our year” for their favourite operation, and goading supporters of other operations.

I’ve missed domestic National Hunt racing during the break. The transfer gossip fills a certain void but ultimately rumours regarding jockeys and yard lads being tapped up or signing for opposition operations are no substitute for the real thing. It’ll be great to have it back.

I think we’re going to win it all this year.


I trust everybody is surviving the off-season?


I’ve a feeling it could be Shark Hanlon’s year.


At least it all starts again tomorrow :wink:


He’s going to need a bigger stable.




I’m fully behind alright sort Denis hogan.


Willie will bow out while in the lead before Punchestown and hand the licence over to Patrick who will pick up the title on Punchestown winners alone.


I have the feeling this is Ruby’s last season too.

  • After no Killarney winners Connell sacks Fleming and hires Tony Mullins
  • O’Regan walks out and is replaced by Phillip Carberry despite him being retired and plenty of better jockeys being available
  • JP falls out with Joseph and moves all his horses to Tony Martin. 6 weeks later they’re moved to Martinstown and Enda B is given full control
  • Mouse Morris retires. No-one notices.
  • Pat Kelly gives his first proper interview. Calls Albert Reynolds and Michael O’Leary cunts
  • Eddie O’Leary joins the Final Furlong podcast regular team and spends his time talking about rumours he’d heard out of Closutton
  • Core Partnership invest in more up and coming horses like Sir Des Champs, First Lieutenant and War of Attrition
  • Ricci leaves Willie and moves his horses to Shark for ‘the craic’. By the end of the season he’s locked up on fraud charges
  • Gordon leads Michael O’Learys surprise presidential campaign and after looking all over a winner until the polls open manages to lose it right at the end to the incumbent Michael D.


Why does pat kelly not speak to the media?


Loose lips sink ships


But what was it over? There something reported he took issue with.


Don’t think so. Just avoids live interviews at all costs


On the eve of the new season, Tiger Roll has signed a new four year contract for Gordon Elliott, eliminating the buyout clause of a lifetime’s supply of Polo mints that threatened to see him leave for Shark Hanlon’s yard.



‘Twas Blake that said it.


Here you go.


Buzz dot fucking ie. They must have recorded him on the sly in the pub.