2018/2019 Irish Jumps trainers championships (horses)


“They backed him like they were betting on a replay” was a line I read on one of those Galway hurdles.



Does Kelly want more horses then than the 15 he has? I got the impression it was his choice to keep a very small string?

It was Jason Titley won the Galway Hurdle for him in 92. My father said Titley was a great jockey. A little bit before my time following the sport properly.



"My father’s yard has issued a bold denial of the rumour that the crown was slipping. Not this year at least. The trophy will remain on the island in the kitchen at Closutton"

cc @Bandage

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Noel Meade hits the front



How has my man Charlie Byrnes started off, I’ve a good feeling this will be his year

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His fans will be giving it big licks at water coolers everywhere tomorrow. Just 362 more days to hang on for the title.



@Ebeneezer_Goode, what was the mood like on the gallops in Meath on Monday morning?



Huge night of action in Ballnrobe later lads
no doubt Paddy Mullins will miss the craic he used to have in the car with Katie Walsh on these long journey home that define summer racing
Gavin Patrick Cromwell will be eager to follow up on his double in Westmeath yesterday and plunder through the West of Ireland card to extend his lead at the top of the rankings



Ok lads, we get it



What’s the current state of play, chaps?

Has Noel Meade capitalised on his opening day heroics to take a firm grip at the top of the league, or have the favourites recovered from their opening day setback to assert themselves as the season begins to establish a pattern?

Are there any online predictor games where one can enter their own selections for each remaining race from now to the end of the season?



Three months in, and Wllie Mullins is motoring like Manchester United after ten games of the 85/86 season.

He’s just had a 1-2-3 at some race in Galway and is onto 55 points now.

Gordon Elliott is pulling the old 1980s Liverpool trick of having an indifferent early part of the season. He’s currently back in third on 21 points, behind Henry de Bromhead. But you’d expect him to up his game considerably as the season wears on, and particularly after Christmas.




@Sidney, do me a favour and update this weekly please. And find an interesting angle to put prize money into it. I don’t think you have it in you but feel free to prove me wrong.




At the turn of the year, Willie Mullins is the Liverpool of this league title race.

He’s on 142 wins compared to his nearest challenger Gordon Elliott’s 109. Elliott will need to do something very special on the run-in to overhaul that lead.

Henry de Bromhead is trailing back in third on 75.

Noel Meade’s supeerb early season form has proved to be a Sheffield Wednesday 1996/97 style flash in the pan, though the doughty Meathman is hanging on for a Europa League place back in fifth.

W.P. Mullins 518 142 81 85 51 €2,054,150 €889,963 €2,944,113
Gordon Elliott 748 109 98 88 71 €1,497,625 €744,888 €2,242,513
Henry de Bromhead 439 75 52 54 52 €772,688 €475,925 €1,248,613
Joseph Patrick O’Brien 416 57 47 44 44 €605,188 €439,588 €1,044,775
Noel Meade 289 41 40 43 34 €694,313 €264,025 €958,338


Gordon is fooked he had a big lead all through the last 2 seasons before Willie blitzkrieged through Punchestown



The gap is down to just 24.

What a thrilling finale we could have yet.

Squad size is becoming a massive issue in the heavy winter going. Elliott’s big spending and strength in depth is beginning to pay dividends.

Just look at the amount of runs and placed horses he has. More runners in hand, more potential winners. If he can keep converting more of those places into winners, he could overtake Mullins right on the line. And sources close to the Elliott camp tell me that his team, to a horse, “are flying in training”.

If Mullins wants to stop the rot, he’s got to go to Thurles this weekend and get something, because Elliott is still there, fighting for this title.

Name Runs 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Win Money Place Money Total Prize-money*
W.P. Mullins 615 158 96 98 62 €2,551,275 €1,119,035 €3,670,310
Gordon Elliott 905 134 117 108 95 €2,071,450 €1,036,215 €3,107,665


Horsey Flu = Advantage MULLINS.

Just like when he emerged as champion from the foot and mouth affected 2000-2001 season.



March 1st.

We’re well and truly into the run now and the gap is down to just 16!

Is Mullins bottling it?

He must feel like the chap driving the red car in Steven Spielberg’s “Duel”, being pursued relentlessly by Elliott’s psychopath driving the lorry.

It’s going to be fascinating watching from now to the end of the season. Mullins fans will be watching illegal live streams of tonight’s meeting at Dundalk through their trembling fingers, such is the tension.


Name Runs 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Win Money Place Money Total Prize-money*
W.P. Mullins 656 167 100 100 68 €2,717,363 €1,147,960 €3,865,323
Gordon Elliott 1006 151 128 124 105 €2,301,663 €1,158,328 €3,459,990


Are you a fan of either?






Do horse trainers have fans? There’s a comedy sketch in that