2018 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


Clifford is off to oz



Has he the attributes to make it in AFL ?


Wtf does that mean ?


it means you are being very obtuse . Answer my fucking question .


There are many different attributes required to be an afl player.

Some players have some attributes other players have other attributes

Inane question by you


If ye got rid of Fitzmaurice ye could bring Tommy Walsh in too.


ah here, not in form at club level that suggests he d make a difference to the county squad


Not inane at all . Answer the question . I am giving you a chance to make yourself interesting . A blank canvass .


Some fellas don’t get it


Form is temporary and all that, he undoubtedly has the talent, I would think with a player that like it’s the coaches job to get him back to the level he’s capable of?



I think the Oz injuries destroyed the lad .


Walsh is as slow as a wet week


he got a run of it with the senior squad when he came back and it didn’t work. when he was off the squad he got more club games which should of been to his benefit but nothing showing there to suggest he anywhere close to his pre oz form

I thnk he has injury problems at the moment but if he features well in the closing stages of the Kerry championship he d be worth a look again, his club are in the Qfinal. he d need to be doing well with de club is my bottom line on it


Big ask for those players to hit the ground running.

Kerry will be in the Super 8 next year but it will be interesting to see how they get on there if they have all those changes.


Is Mayo the one big county where the supporters don’t ever really hold the players to account? After Sunday’s game all the commentary I see from Mayo supporters seems to be raging at the ref, Dublin etc etc with endless praise for the players, losing speeches etc etc. Very few seem to comment that the game’s winning was within their teams reach and capability and external factors should have been rendered irrelevant.

In any other leading county (think Kerry for example) the post-mortem would be clinical and cutting - clearly assessing where their players/management had failed and how that could be rectified. Not particularly pleasant but effective.

Does this different approach from the Mayo fans create a culture where falling just short is acceptable? Are Mayo fans part of the problem?




Yes. Fucking animals the lot of em…


Vaughan would be living under Garda protection if he was a Kerry man


What’d be done to him if he were a Limerick man?



I commented about Vinny Murphy’s comments earlier on last week where he said there was a culture with Mayo where they are heroes for losing. They’re a fantastic team and they have shown boundless courage and guts to keep on bouncing back but time and time again they find themselves with the big games in their grasp and contrive to peg it away.

Introspection is lacking as to the failure and that’s primarily why they haven’t won one. If Aidan O’Shea was from Tyrone, Dublin or Kerry for example his performances would be severely criticised from within. In Mayo he was defended beyond the hilt. I accept he had a very good year this time around but previous to that he has generally disappointed in big games.