2018 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


He’d have had all the football trained out of him a long time ago, never mind the aggression.


And a few facebook fan videos thrown in to boot.


There’s no need for introspection when you can always blame the oul curse.


Bizarre that you’re talking about Tyrone (3 titles) in the same breath as Kerry (37) and Dublin (27). The Tyrone humiliation by Dublin has largely seemed to be chalked down internally to the players having to work a 40 hour week and a bizarre claim that Dublin players don’t have to work (refuted by Jim Gavin). Not to mention the manager who presided over the shambles getting a 3 year extension.


I think it was largely chalked down to Dublin being a better team.


A Dublin or Kerry manager wouldn’t be handed the ringing endorsement of a new 3 year term the way Mickey Harte was after displaying such tactical ineptitude leading to a rout like that. That’s the difference in mindsets between the superpowers Dublin and Kerry and an also ran like Tyrone.


Aren’t Kerry persisting with Fitzmaurice?

How long did Pillar Caffrey have with Dublin?


His house would have been robbed by the time he got home from Croke Park?


Pillar never managed trhem to an All -Ireland though.


Seems to conflict the mindset Boycott is lauding.


Caffrey had 4 years 2005-08. The incremental improvements he made on Tommy Lyons 2003-04 in Dublin losing narrowly in two All Ireland semi finals in 2006 & 07 and losing two quarter finals, one in a replay to eventual All Ireland champions were no defence to him when they were humiliated by Tyrone in 2008, he was out on his ear. Interestingly almost same scores but reversed between 2008 & 2017

2008 Tyrone 3-14 Dublin 0-11
2017 Dublin 2-17 Tyrone 0-11

Fitzmaurice had one year left on his current term
after the Mayo replay defeat. He’ll be gone once that’s up. Fitzmaurice has been getting savage criticism in Kerry from the animals.

Harte’s latest term was up after the Dublin hammering. Opportune time for a change and a replacement of a manager who’s been there for 15 years but has for a good few years now lagged behind the curve tactically. Instead he gets a new 3 year term which seems to have met with almost universal approval in Tyrone.

It’s Arsene Wenger stuff. Cult of Harte.




Cult of Harte. The Arsene Wenger of Gaelic football management.


I wouldn’t be overly surprised if Fitzmaurice was gone before next year.


Ditto. Generally not the Kerry way to remove a manager midway through a term but the natives are not happy in the Kingdom.


They havent been for some time. Some would say with good cause.


Jack O’Connor is rounding up supporters as we speak


2 Ulster Titles in 2 years, 10IAR McKenna Cup on the horizon.

Harte is the right man for the job.


How does the Tyrone Chairwoman feel about Mickey?


The Kerry lads I work with are seething. “What’s going on with these Dublin lads all over the papers? In Kerry they’d be gone away drinkin’ the shite of it and you’d hear no more about it”