2018 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


It’s beyond a pisstake at this stage alright.

You’d think they’d have at least taken the home game off them and forced them to play it at neutral Croke Park.


A fucking historical trip, what did they do, go see the D-Day Landing beaches or to study some of Napoleons attack plans to use them in their tactics? :slight_smile:

I can only think that this excuse was submitted by someone on some sort of job training. :slight_smile:


Armagh were on a historical trip to find an arms cache. Why didn’t they get off?


Jim Gavin is a former soldier, took them to see where the Irish soldiers fought in WW1.


What a guy :heart_eyes:


He’s only in Laois a year and ye have already managed to turn him into a moany cunt .


He’s in Laois 10 years I’ll have you know.

And you know he’s right.


Of course he’s right but surely he didn’t think the GAA were going to take a home game from Dublin ?


Rules are for the little people and they don’t come much littler than Laois.


You needed to call them Leix or the queens county there, it would really have gotten under his skin.




Did you forget to switch username there?