2018 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


It’s hard to argue they weren’t really. Finished top of the league, won their province and along with Dublin were the only side qualified from the super 8s after 2 games. Dublin beat them in the league final and All-Ireland semi, only other game they lost all year was against Monaghan where they spent the 70 minutes trying to conserve energy.


The Monaghan game was a dead rubber for Galway. Galway second best team this year after Dublin.


He’s back!


What the fuck is that?


That’s a mugging off.


Jimmy sees right through McStay.


You fuckin’ tell him Jimmy!

There’s another one to come…


I can only imagine how many gems have been lost to the mists of time through non-opportune non-camerawork. Thankfully we have this one.

Jimmy would fit in very well here on the Gaelic football threads with his views.


He did play it. And in the same line as Kevin McStay, too.

All-Ireland Championship

SEMI-FINAL: Derry 1-11 Mayo 0-11 (Croke Park, 10/8/1980). MAYO: J Reidy; C Dever, P Forde, JJ Gallagher; M McNulty, J Maughan, J Finn (0-1) ; G Geraghty (0-1) , R Flynn; T Grogan (0-2) , J Moylette, J Lindsay; P Collins (0-2) , J Walsh (0-1) , K McStay (0-4) . Sub: J Sloyan for Walsh


South Mayo, very clannish and parochial. No surprise to see the outsider O’Connor being rounded on.


Would Jimmy not be more mid-Mayo, or east Mayo at least?


I would say no, Claremorris is South Mayo heartland. 5 mins out the road and you’re crossing over the River Styx.


Is Jimmy not from up Louis Walsh’s neck of the woods?


Sorry to say it and thank fuck we won this year that’s how I would have seen the likes of @dodgy_keeper and @iron_mike in 30 years time


All those videos are in Claremorris locations


G’wan, tell us the names of the pubs.


“Colm Boyle should be the captain of that team and I’ll fucking… put it on Facebook.”

Is there anyway you can send TFK invitations to people online? We’ve got to get this guy and troll the fucking shit of him. We would drive that cunt demented.


I think he’s right on a lot of things.

Kevin McStay and Cillian O’Connor for starters.


He is.He’d fit in well around here.We’ve no Mayo representative on here.


Ah lads, a fucking historical trip :smile:

They’re only trolling us now

The four sanctioned counties will appeal to the Central Hearings Committee, arguing that while they did engage in ‘away’ sessions, they did not break the rule. It was thought that Dublin might also face sanction after their footballers travelled to France during the prohibited period, but they insisted at the time that the trip did not involve training and was, in fact, a historical pursuit.