2018 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


And were cut open at will. They’re going nowhere with likes of Enright manning the defence.


So? They’re still the third best team.


I’m sorry. I must have missed the 3rd place playoff this year.


Apology accepted, I’m glad you recognised your error


You are saying there was a 3rd place playoff?


No I’m saying you were wrong and I’m glad you acknowledged your error. Enright being crap doesn’t mean kerry are not third best.


Kerry beat Cork by 11 points and Galway by 8. Kerry have lost just 1 from 8 championship/league games against Tyrone since the 2008 All Ireland Final and that was in the 2010 league, effectively a dead rubber in a league campaign where Tyrone were relegated.

Tyrone are a very average side with a manager well past his sell by date. You’re too emotive when it comes to Tyrone to see that.


I withdraw my apology as you were being misleading and disingenuous. What you are claiming is not backed up by logic


Using your logic, Nadal is a greater tennis player than Federer.



Tyrone are abysmal. I was telling you that all year and you wouldn’t listen. They’ve lost all 7 championship matches they’ve played this decade to the Big 3 - Dublin, Mayo and Kerry and only in one of those 7 (the 2016 quarter final) did they even get within one score of the opposition. It is anti-logic to suggest that Tyrone would beat Kerry.

Don’t see the relevance of Federer/Nadal to this discussion. In any case, Federer played Nadal three times earlier this year, with the GOAT winning all three. Beat Nadal in 5 sets in the Australian Open final in Melbourne and won easily in straight sets at Indian Wells and the final in Miami. You’re going back nearly four years to the 2013 Australian Open to find the last time Nadal beat Federer - a bit like the trawl to find a Tyrone win over Kerry.


Nadal holds a greater all time head to head record against Federer, particularly Grand Slam events.

You need to be extremely careful here Boycott as I will have you in knots.


You’re citing Nadal’s head to head record against Federer and how average Kerry purportedly were in only beating Cork by 11 points and Galway 8 points as the basis for installing Tyrone as favourites in a putative 2018 Championship meeting with Kerry. Anti-logic.

Go and have a lie down or better again have another look at the Dublin v Tyrone semi final.


I’m drawing light to your double standards, Boycott.

You wouldn’t like that. Odd also how you class Mayo as a top three team of the last decade when they have zero All Irelands and Donegal won one in 2012.

You’re a strange man, full of contradictions.


Cork have an All Ireland this decade. Using your logic, should Cork not be ranked as Joint 3rd?

Donegal were competitive for three of the eight seasons of this decade. They’ve also had Championship exits to the tune of 9 points against Armagh in 2010, 16 points to Mayo in 2013, 8 points to Mayo in 2015 and 15 points to Galway in 2017


The ever changing contradictory nature of your metrics make your posts very unclear.


You’ve offered nothing in support of your assertion that Tyrone are better than Kerry other than a reference to the Federer/Nadal head to head and how average Kerry supposedly were in only beating Cork by 11 points and Galway by 8.



Here is how the two groups will be laid out in 2018:

Group 1 - Munster champion, Connacht champion, Ulster runner-up (or team that beats them in round four of the qualifiers) and the Leinster runner-up (or team that beats them in round four of the qualifiers).

Group 2 - Ulster champion, Leinster champion, Munster runner-up (or team that beats them in round four of the qualifiers) and Connacht runner-up (or team that beats them in round four of the qualifiers).


So if that had applied this season then the groups would have been as per @Sidney 's list above. Dublin, Tyrone, Mayo and Galway in a group of death.


Yes but my semi final predictions will prove to be correct also.


Provincial draws to take place on Thursday 19th October