2018 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


@myboyblue can you do something about the GAA Hour webpage for next year? When you click onto the GAA Hour tab on that website, there is no link to the podcast anywhere. It’s ridiculous.

Instead, in order to listen to the All-Ireland final review podcast you have to click on some article about Kieran McGeeney and Sean Cavanagh.

Also, can you get them to stop using the word ‘bloody’ in their headlines. It looks retarded in print.


She can Fuck off.


Keegan is class


Don’t be talking about Tyrone in the same breath as Dublin and Kerry so when it comes to a culture of winning ruthlessness if that’s the criteria used in Tyrone to get another 3 year term.


What’s Kerry’s recent culture like? Second fiddle to Dublin?


Applauding convicted rapists, complaining about drink driving laws, poisoning eagles and being gormless simpletons at the Rose of Tralee.


If by ‘recent’, you’re referring to the 5 year tenure of Eamonn Fitzmaurice, its 5 Munster Championships, 1 All Ireland and 1 National League. That’s just not good enough in Kerry and that’s why there is such a clamour down there to get rid of him.


With the introduction of the Super 8s next year, it looks to me like the semi finals will be:

Dublin vs Losers of Kerry vs Mayo
Winners of Kerry vs Mayo vs Best of the rest


Correct me if I’m wrong here, but in the sample new format for 2017, did they not have Dublin and Tyrone in the same Super 8 group, along with the beaten Munster and Connacht finalists or the team that beat them?


with the other group being:

So in 2018, based on it being a Leinster v Connacht and Munster v Ulster year under the previous format, the groups would be:
Leinster winners, Connacht winners, Ulster runners-up, Munster runners-up.

ie. based on expected results, Dublin and Mayo would be in the same group.


I’d Kerry will struggle to make the last 4 next year mate. Their luck of handy QF draws should be over with Super 8s.


You could be right Sid but I recall thinking it weird when it was first announced. They said one group would have Connacht and Munster winners and other group would have Ulster winners and Leinster winners.

I think I’ll try and get to the bottom of it on my bus journey home this evening.


They’ll win Munster mate and at least get top 2 in their group imo


They won’t even if they regress . The standard outside the big two and next two is average .


I doubt it, mate. Couldn’t see them beating Dublin, Mayo or Tyrone.


Kerry are the third best team by some distance.


Doubt it, mate. They were made look average by the likes of Cork and Galway this year.


Well, they drew with Mayo this year, so I could see it.


They were blessed to draw and then blessed to only lose the replay by 5 points.


They beat Galway comfortably.


I imagine the Kerry team next year will be significantly different.

It’s too far away yet to tell how good they’ll be but they had a bit of a false dawn this year as regards the younger players.

I do think Donaghy, Donncha Walsh and even Darran O’Sullivan would be significant losses to bear for them if they depart as all were still integral components of their team this year whether from the start or off the bench.