2018 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


Mayo’s forward play is awful


Galway have the bit between their teeth at the moment.

Mayo are producing nothing.


Lovely jink by Mcloughlin there


I like McLoughlin. Never shirks responsibility.


Big score from Mayo.

Galway had a few chances to go 2 up and didn’t do it.


This is an affront to Galway football. That Tally prick should be shot with balls of his own shit.


Serious Donegal performance by the sounds of it.


Please not another twenty minutes of this.




Great finish.


Fair fucks to him for taking on the goal anyway.


Aboy Ringo


Mayo are at the end of the road.


Finally a bit of individual flair. Tally will destroy him in training for that no doubt.


Hup out of that


Your prayers have been answered. Delighted for that Cillian O’Connor cunt.


“Percentage play would have been fisting it over for a point”.


A boy da kid, went for goal; a lot would have just tapped it over.


Mayo will force at least 1 goal chance. Still a good 5 minutes left.


They might. They won’t take it.