2018 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


Yawn, maybe the Vitners Federation would sponsor the Galway County Board to bring in a Laois man to train them.


Ger canning in not knowing the rules shocker again


Oh christ…this cunt is back on.he must be riding Walsh or something


Great catch from Flynn :see_no_evil:


Great fielding from him.


Riding Tally no doubt.


Flynn mom


:sunglasses:. Mmm


I’m going to make my annual complaint that a black card does not warrant an icon on the scoreboard. It’s not important enough and it’s distracting.


Galway goalies :smile:


Looked like he blatantly threw that.


Hate the style and the set up Walsh has but it’s getting results


An 8 point win for Donegal.


It’s over for this Mayo team.


The injury to Parsons is worse than the defeat itself.


When are Mayo out again?

Diarmuid O’Connor and Parsons are two certain absentees.


A lot will still depend on the qualifier draw for Mayo but it’s harder to see them turn it around this year.

There are a lot of teams who could take them out.

As well as Parsons, Diarmuid O’Connor will be absent for their next game. Keegan should be back but he can’t do everything.

One nugget for them might be that, if they can make it to the Super 8s, their first match would be against another qualifier rather than a provincial champion.

They just looked drained and spent there.


First round of the qualifiers is the 8/9 June.

If they avoid an Ulster side then they should have enough to get by but it’s just the accumulation of miles on the clock for them. Their key players are having their bodies break down on them.

The qualifiers can be a positive for gaining momentum but doing it year on year is very tough, you play a lot of games and it can really shorten the lifespan of a team as every game is knockout, you’re out week after week and players may have to tog out when carrying niggles whereby they would otherwise be rested.

The fringe players like Loftus, Coen and O’Donoghue really didn’t stand up to it today.


In saying that, I was very unimpressed with Galway today and the Diarmuid O’Connor red card was the pivotal moment in the game.


A win is a win, avoiding the qualifier route was the huge prize today.


You have not posted any data.

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