2018 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


I’ve posted facts.

You’ve posted bullshit.


Last year was Mayo’s time.

They had everybody fit and most of their players were in the form of their lives by August and September - Moran, Boyle, Parsons, Doherty, McLoughlin, Barrett were at career peaks. Keegan was back fit and firing. Even Cillian O’Connor was firing. And it still wasn’t enough.

The caveat about writing them off is that they are a process and collective-driven team and they tend to both fire together and fail together. They aren’t endowed with superb individuals in the forward division who can turn a game on instinct and pure talent. But when they fire together as a team, they can overpower and blitz other teams. If they can somehow take it game by game and build confidence, they could still mount a challenge. But I just can’t see them getting back to the form they were in in August and September last year. That was as good and better than that team ever played, but at the moment it feels like a raging against the dying of light last stand which didn’t quite come off, and they look collectively broken now, physically in some cases, but most of all mentally.


Data doesn’t lie

Your generalizations don’t marry with what I know


Substance is key and you don’t know the meaning of the word. I do, I’ve presented it and proven my argument. You just continue to pretend you know something when it’s patently obvious you’re a spoofer.


Wicklow 1-20 Offaly 1-15 AET.
Carlow 2-17 Louth 0-12.


Was 1998 the last time Galway beat Mayo in a Connacht Quarter Final in Castlebar?


Prove it.

Show the injuries from last 5 years from mayo in terms of time lost.

Otherwise fuck off.


I think the standard of penalty taking in the football is remarkably high. I’ve always thought so.


What I said was that they are beginning to see their key players being hit with injuries.

You said that was bullshit. It’s not bullshit, players like Parsons, Keegan, COC have all been pretty much ever present over the past 3/4 years. Now they’re picking up injuries, they’re getting on, many of them are nearly 10 years (or more on the road), they’ve played long into the summer for the past 7 campaigns. It’s taking the toll on their body, that is established by the injuries they’re now picking up.

Continue to argue against facts but you’ll only further drive home your village idiot status.

Mayo have been lucky over the past number of years that they’ve only really missed Andy Moran in 2012 with a serious injury, bar that they’ve had their key players fit and available but these guys are now seeing their bodies break down on them. It’s been a long slog and it’s only natural, it’s an attritional game and the back door over the past two years won’t have done them any favours.


Parsons won’t play again. I’m gutted and sickened. I’d rather mayo won and not have that injury. Its awful. I’ll not watch it again or look at a photo.


I’d agree.

I suffered a patellar dislocation in the past and was lucky enough not to do any serious ligament damage but that’s a full knee dislocation and there’s no way the knee can come out of that in tact. As @Sidney said, it’s a similar injury as to what John Toal did years back and that was the end of him in his early 20s.


Ah jaysus, just saw it there, horrific. :face_vomiting:

Tom is probably the most likeable member of that team too. Hopefully he’s able to make a comeback.


Grand. Backtrack.
Apology accepted


To be fair, I think the job Mayo’s S&C team have done over the lifespan of this team has been remarkable - and their players themselves deserve immense credit for being so professional in how they prepare.

But as you say, time eventually tends to catch up on players. It’s impossible for a team to go eight seasons contending for an All-Ireland without picking up the odd serious injury. Dublin certainly have - a lot more of them than Mayo, actually.


If you think Declan kyne is a midget then you really haven’t a clue…


It’s hard to believe this Mayo team has notched up such an unwanted statistic, but this is the first time that the county has failed to qualify for the Connacht final in three successive years since 1976-77-78.

In fact last year was the first time they’d failed to qualify for the Connacht final for two successive years since then.


Agreed, the difference is Mayo will fall away when these players go, they can’t absorb the losses of them at present.

Mayo have been lucky/well prepared enough not to have serious injuries impact on their key players over the last 8 years but now their bodies are breaking down on them, these players are reaching the expiration of their intercounty careers. Some players go quicker than others.


No backtrack here.

I’ve consistently made the same point. Maybe you should concede you’re bullshitting.


And we’re off. Going to be a long summer.


Jesus, just seen the parsons injury. Awful. Cant see him coming back from that. Looks like his totally twisted around. :nauseated_face: