2018 NCAA College Football: The Road to Santa Clara, CA


No point running up the score. it’s a semifinal.


You can have your Heisman trophy statement from Bama early.

edit. Bama can score whatever they want here cc. @Raylan


Is this like a very long drawn out sigerson cup?



What the flying fuck would he know about it?


At least Oklahoma making a game of it, after a disastrous start. Could be a good second half, Bama have to respect the Sooner’s offense.


You’re gonna give this a good rattle.


Two massive bowl games here to determine who should have been selected in the top 4 instead of the perennial flopping Irish. My money is on Georgia to impress the most. First up OS versus Washington.


Are there many big names sitting these two games out?


Georgia’s Deandre Baker is the only one I’m aware of.


The Huskies band putting on a tremendous show here, too bad about their football team.


The Dawgs have been awful, I’m away to bed.


The PAC12 should stick to growing and smoking weed.


Is haskins gonna be the first QB off the board?


I would say so and Fields to replace him.


Bad shout chef, the Irish deserved their place, that is undeniable now.


What price is Kyler Murray to be the 1st QB selected?


Probably see no draft odds until March.


He really doesn’t like them.

I don’t get the whole “4 best teams” thing. Everyone has different schedules and different elements of luck involved. Ohio were clearly a good team this year, but duffed it up in an easy game. Georgia had a loss pre SEC Championship game but had another shot vs Bama, they still lost. I don’t see why it is justified to be disappointed for not making the playoffs- you had your chance and lost.

Texas winning last night as it bursts a lot of narratives as well. Realistically the Clemson and Bama programmes are just a cut above everyone now in coaching, recruiting consistency and general consistency.


The bulldogs hadn’t a chance after seeing this