2018 NCAA College Football: The Road to Santa Clara, CA


Cheez it bowl produced some comically bad football last night. Nine interceptions including this one:


Florida smash Michigan 41-15, not a good omen for ND as Michigan were the only top 10 ranked team they played all season and they scraped by them 24-17 first game of the season. Hard to see past another bowl bitch slapping here for the Irish.


Great to see that Harbaugh cunt getting demolished.


The Clemson/Bama handicap double is nailed on here right?


l would say so, the Sooners should rack up a decent score but will concede more.


Gone with both to win by 21-30 at 20/1 or so.


Ireland! Ireland! Ireland!


Great to see Jerry Jones getting celebrated here, a great guy.


True about the top 10 but it was actually a pretty easy win, they took the foot off the gas in the second half.


Madness from the fat prick Kelly going for it there, handed the momentum to Clemson and they take advantage.


College ball without Hunter Renfrow won’t really be college ball.


Time for Wimbush, Book is having a mare.


Red rover


Real shame the Irish couldn’t hang in till HT. Lawrence is a some prospect, there will be some serious tanking done for him when he’s eligible.


How do these games normally play out? They keep going pedal down to run up a score?


Lawrence looks like a child molester.


He’s like an ugly Rocky Dennis. You can’t help hating him.


I aimed too low here


The performance tonight from ND will be the death knell of the independents getting a top four spot for quite some time


No business being there unless they join a conference.