2018 NCAA College Football: The Road to Santa Clara, CA


Tua sacked and very nearly turns it over again. Clemson gets the ball, another TD before halftime would be massive here.


One of @Turenne’s lads entertaining us at HT.


Fucksake Saban, mad call.
Bama rattled to within an inch of their lives.


Lawrence to Ross again, it’s the Freshmen show.
Alabama being take to the woodshed.


Oh Dear Bama.

Lawrence would be number 1 pick right now.


Never thought I’d see the day, Saban’s boys getting pumped.


It’s glorious. I spent a lot of time in the Carolinas, love the place.


Ross not far behind. That catch during the last drive was just ridiculous. Bama are shellshocked.


Outrageous. Nice to see a freak athlete leave the State and do Bama in.


ND’s loss doesn’t look quite as bad in hindsight. This is a serious pumping.


Bama have been there for the taking though, the secondary has been decimated. Oklahoma could have beaten them if they had a D. What is shocking tonight is how good Clemson’s D are, utterly dominant in the second half.


The hapless Hurts in for the hapless Tua.


Nwoko knew.



I overrated Bama.
Not as badly as 95% media pundits though.


Dabo would make a great preacher, he’d nearly make you believe in God.


Justyn Ross
Remember his name.
300 yards and 4 TDs in the SF+F.

Is Ross a Monaghan name? It’s definitely northern.

Christian Wilkins :clap::clap: Would restore your hope for humanity. 3.0 GPA in every semester for his 4 year college career and managed to fit in two national championships.


Growing murmurs that Kyler Murray will turn his back on MLB and declare for the NFL draft.

There was an unpopular opinion that Mayfield was too short to be a top level pro QB. Murray is another 2+ inches shorter, depending on your source



Kyler declares for the NFL draft


He’s a serious operator but think he should stick with just the hurling for now.