2018 NCAA College Football: The Road to Santa Clara, CA


Great news, Kyler will go top 10, book it.


5"9’ bro.


Nice little read on Kyler Murray and his old man’s backstory.


Kyler is all in and coming to the NFL


Lovely stuff, best QB prospect in the draft by a fucking mile.

@Chucks_Nwoko, I want markets for Kyler to go #1 overall, top 5 and first QB drafted when they are available. I’m going all in on this.


ChucksBet has just released their market.

1st overall - 5/1
Top 5 - 7/4
1st QB - 4/7


He’s too small :man_shrugging:


Great news for the Lions


The combine measurements will be interesting, but right now Sooners have Murray listed at 5"10 and 195. I think you can take an inch and 5 pounds off that. I don’t know which would be more problematic, the height or the weight for a running QB.


You can put on weight, Goff was a weed when he came out (enzyme deficiency) and has put on about 15 lb. Hard to get taller though :grinning:, Drew Brees the obvious comparison who is 6’0 and about 205 - 210lb during his career.


Goff still weighed 215 at the combine. I’d say Wilson is the most obvious comparison, but he’s a lot stockier and was 205 at the combine. Long story short, I think the weight is more of an issue than the height. Passing lanes invariably open up, as the line meet the pass rush. He’ll see downfield fine.


Agree, he’s got great movement and the baseball sling shot should help.


DK Metcalf :eek:


It’s a weird draft as in theory the top 5 picks all have franchise QBs. But someone is going to fall in love with Kyler, this is outrageous.

Patrick Mahomes recently became the first Big 12 QB to ever start and win a play off game. He dropped in the draft because of the system he played in. Murray is a miniature version of Mahomes. Can’t wait to see him in the NFL.


He’ll be murdered in the NFL … some bulk needed.


They said that about Russell Wilson. You’ve got to catch him first, easier said than done.


I dont have to catch anyone.


I’d say the further the process goes along, the more the buzz will build around Will Grier.