2018 NCAA College Football: The Road to Santa Clara, CA


Washington with a massive 4th down conversion here inside the last minute v Oregan


They will have a chance of a walkoff field goal to win it here


Tremendous performance by LSU tonight. Bama have to come to Baton Rouge as well.


OT in Eugene


Wide ball. OT in Eugene


Wide ball


Washington kick a field goal. Big chance for Herbert to keep the Ducks season alive


Herbert with a big completion on 3rd and 11


Ducks win


Both defenses dominating in the Michigan Derby.

Bit of trickery by the Spartans ties it 7 - 7 here.


Patterson to Peoples-Jones for a 79 yard touchdown.

14 - 7 Michigan.


Devin Bush :joy:



Buckeyes in trouble at the half. Down 14-3 to Purdue.


Purdue run one in from 40 yards. Buckeyes down by 22. 6 minutes left.




Good 4th quarter coming up here in Jacksonville.

Georgia up 23 - 14 over Florida. Gators have the ball.


That will do it for the Bulldogs.


A botched snap on the Penn State 5 may just have cost Iowa the game.


That kid at NC State that you like, Ryan Findlay, looking good here against Syracuse.