2018 NCAA College Football: The Road to Santa Clara, CA


#3 Notre Dame, the Fighting Oirish, taking care of business against Navy. . 27 - 0 at half time.


They’re worse than last year, will be destroyed if they get top 4.



#6 Georgia quick of the the traps here @ #9 Kentucky.

7 - 0


Elijah Holyfield punches it in for a 4 yard TD.

That’s a body blow to Kentucky.

21 - 3 to Georgia.


Michigan shutting out Penn State.

Notre Dame need to win, AND look very good winning, later tonight on against Northwestern if they’re going to hold on to the #4 spot.


Michigan’s defence is really starting to hum.


42 - 0 to Michigan :fearful:


Sublime pass by Ian Book. 21 - 7


Oklahoma State on a good drive here late in the 4th quarter to tie this up against Oklahoma.


4th and 7. Need a TD.


Scores off a 4th and 12. Usual Big 12 fare, going for 2 here.


Nope, bad pass.


Wimbrush back under center for the Irish. Undefeated season on the line against a disjointed Seminoles outfit.


14 - 0 already to Notre Dame. FSU are a shambles this year post Jimbo. This could get nasty for them.


Notre Dame taking care of business against Syracuse at Yankee Stadium. Defense utterly dominant.

23 - 0. Half way through the 3rd quarter.


Syracuse down 29 - 0 decide to go for a 23 yard field goal to avoid the ignominy of a shutout.

And he doinks it :smile:


And they try again and this time it scrapes in. Embarrassing stuff from the cuse :sweat_smile:

36 - 3.


Lot of concern here for a Michigan player after a pretty brutal targeting hit.

Very nasty


Indiana gave Michigan plenty of it that one. Ohio State up next.