2018 Summer Transfer Window Thread/calciomercato


He was an even better cat.


He was a cat goalkeeper



Rob Green has signed for Chelsea


Is this better or worse than Lee Grant signing for Manu?


Bonucci wants back to Juve.


There’s the Courtois replacement sorted


“provide backup”


Courtois won’t be hanging about


He’ll be feeling under threat is say :crazy_face:


Man Utd want to buy Harry Maguire.

If ever there was a case of a relatively ordinary player being sought at a time when his value is at its max it is this.


The Andy Carroll Phenomenon as I believe it is known.


He is a decent player and will add real Yorkshire grit to the team .




They’re also looking at rebic for 44m, who was bought 8 weeks ago for 2m :smiley:


What’s this?


Maguire has been a fine premier league centre back for a couple of years now, he’d be a good signing for Man U


He’s a good player with the security of the back three but I think he’ll be found out playing for a bigger club in a back four


He’s shit and looks like he’s mentally challenged.


He’s really crap. Played one decent technical team in Croatia and was totally exposed.