2018 Summer Transfer Window Thread/calciomercato




Seriously mate, I know you won’t have seen him play in that league but he’s been shit hot, a good signing for a top club looking for a centre back


Thought Alderweireld was the Number 1 target for Man U. Would have thought he was more of a Mourinho player. An experienced 30 year old that’s going to probably cost at least £50 million.


Salah destroyed him last season.


No one wants to try and do business with Levy seemingly.


Because he’s such a hungry cunt.


Post reported for anti-Semitism


Go to bed.


Modric to Inter


Good move for Luca.


Gone to footballs retirement home


Pipita and Caldara to Milan.

Bonucci to Juve.



Best Kepa in the league.


Poor ol David De Gea, a real sliding doors moment for him that fax machine issue.


Madrid dream slipped through his fingers, like that Ronaldo shot


He’ll be at Wycombe in a few years


Any sign of Spurs signing a player?


Nah, Levy’s burnt too many bridges, unless corbyn can give him a dig out.


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