2018 Summer Transfer Window Thread/calciomercato


Not yet.

It’s proving quite difficult this season.




Money for old rope


Chairman Dan has them all hopping like sausages in a pan.

Did I hear correctly that Chelsea spent £70m (sterling) on a 23 year old goalkeeper from a mid-table team in Spain?


Mainly the Spurs fans with his stinginess


I see you are still raging Spurs finished above Liverpool :smile:


Honestly, I haven’t heard a single complaint, except from tne arsenal fans on Twitter


I don’t support Liverpool but they did have a much better season than Spurs




Plenty complaints from Spurs fans on twitter


I haven’t noticed, a few mates of mine are hardcore gooners so I tend to read a lot more of that reaction,
Anyway, as far as I can see I don’t see how spurs can genuinely strengthen on what they can offer,


Twitter :smiley:


He must be a very non-observant Jew in that case.


@backinatracksuit brought up twitter


We have another obsessed headcase on our hands for the new season, trawling twitter looking for irate Spurs fans criticising Chairman Dan, you couldn’t make it up.


They regularly play Eric Dier mate, of course they can improve


I’ll grant you that but Dier does a job and as I mentioned earlier his own valuation is sky high,


What’s his valuation? I don’t think anybody has wanted to buy him this summer


What would you think? I’d doubt you’d get change from 50m depending on contractual stuff, I honestly don’t know how he’s fixed there, he does a job for spurs, in such a pivotal position you can hardly argue he’s not doing alright going by their relative success in recent years


What have they won?