2018 Summer Transfer Window Thread/calciomercato


I know, I’m not being a dick about it, I don’t think spurs needed to make any signings, they’ve abig squad with cover everywhere except the centre forward and good young players coming through.

They can’t afford the players they need


he just came to me instantly mate

other players of note


Spurs squad is Absolutely crap they’ll be lucky to finish top 7. No ambition.


With all due respect I don’t think either makes the Spurs team but I do appreciate you having an honest go


Nainggolan would be their best midfielder


Does Eric dier get his game in midfield?


The saddest thing about it is that Spurs couldn’t afford him if he didn’t already play for them.


How much did Vidal go for?


Would he have signed for Tottenham as well?


Was it 20m?


That’s not what you asked


It is clearly what I asked.

I’m not looking for a row here, I’m not going to dig my heels in but replying with Courtois or Vidal isn’t really any help.


We don’t sign a player on transfer deadline day and we’re still the only story in town. Tottenham Hotspur are box office:


Unreal :laughing:


They fucking need to be to pay off the stadium.


Is it the charity shield this Sunday?


Sunday just gone.

Season starts tomorrow


City beat Chelsea last Sunday. League starts proper this weekend


Is your FPL team set?


I had to google it … 2-0 to City… jaysus… A shame the hurling season is ending earlier than normal…