2018 Summer Transfer Window Thread/calciomercato


Did you see that Bas Dost stat during the season? He scored 45 goals in a calendar year - all were one touch finishes. Top class poaching.


Atletico could be in for an excellent season. Great to see Griezmann staying


Efficient use of his limby body.






Might as well go to America or China if he can’t hack proper football anymore


Or Spurs.


The English league is no joke, not like the Italian,
Spurs couldn’t afford him anyway so it’s silly talk


The English league is a joke, mate.

Spuds were embarrassed by Juve last season.


I’d love to see it personally


The Italian league is a one horse race these days, think Juve have won the last 7. None of the other teams are capable of challenging them.


I’m not even on the wind up, what in the name of God would Ronaldo hope to achieve there?


Correct me if I’m wrong but, if successful in those compensations at Juventus, wouldn’t he become the first player to win the Champions League at an EPL, La Liga and Serie A Club and the first player to win all three leagues.


Champions league ?? Come off it now.


What now? You asked what he would hope to achieve.

I said ‘if’ successful


He could play in Italy for another 15 years.


Fair enough, I don’t think he’s got that good an imagination


He wants to play into his 40s - he’s said it before… He wants to be Tom Brady.


They’ll win the League regardless and in the last two Champions Leagues he has been the key member of the, eventual winning, team that eliminated Juventus.

Doesn’t take a huge amount of imagination or optimism to think that he might get them over the line.