2018 Summer Transfer Window Thread/calciomercato


A spurs team that will never trouble the big guns destroyed Juve, they’d need even more luck than they had in that tie over and over


Juve beat Spurs and between themselves and Bayern got closest to Real. Stop giving it the poor me with Spurs


Spurs destroyed Juve mate, the score line wasn’t remotely reflective of the tie


Destroyed Juventus. Even with Juve having stonewall penalties turned down, Spuds couldn’t lay a glove on them.



Juve missed a penalty and should have had another penalty as nembo showed. No surprise the little Englander bought into the English narrative


Spurs destroyed them mate, don’t insult our intelligence here, you saw the games


Spurs had more possession, Juve had better chances


Spurs with the referee in their pocket couldn’t handle them. Chiellini bitch slapped Kane around Wembley.


Grand yeah


Get yourself a hanky, luv.


Why are you guys arguing about Spurs on this thread? Utterly, utterly obsessed.


Because @backinatracksuit brought them up


He didn’t, follow the audit trail.


Fair enough. Spurs were the only English team that Juve played last season so reasonable enough for it to be brought up when comparing the leagues


Jack Wiltshire to West Ham, done deal.

He’s coming home


Cristiano to Juventus.



Stokes to the hoops




Ronaldo to Juventus.