2019 Predictions

Association football:
Premier League: Liverpool
European Cup: Liverpool
FA Cup: Liverpool
Eire to QUALIFY for Euro 2020 under @Big_Brian_Lohan.

Football All-Ireland: Kerry to beat Mayo
Stick stick All-Ireland: Cork to beat Kilkenny

Rugby World Cup: South Africa

Brexit: Theresa May’s deal to PASS by four votes on March 26th. UK General Election to follow in May, Corbyn to limp into power with the help of the SNP, with a majority of 10.

Trump to limp on with the help of supplicant Republicans who by year’s end have become open apologists for massive criminality.

Russia to invade Belarus and get away with it.

I’m predicting a permaban from boards.

The shite in the Tottenham thread will never change. Ever.

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What goes on in there? I’m nearly 1400 posts behind and I’m not starting now

Do you remember the film with Bill Murray & Andie McDowell set in a small Pennsylvania pub .

It could only change if they won something, so yes will never change.

Dante wrote a poem about it

Halfways there already

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Did the words glow like burning coal?

European Cup : Manchester United to beat Royal Madrid in Final , Juventus will beat Liverpool in the Quarter FInals, at Anfield the Juve fans will turn their backs on a faux moments silence for the 38 murdered Italians in 1985, The game will be a 0-0 draw and Mo Salah will have his leg broken by Mandzukic who will stay on the field. Juve will win 1-0 on agg due to a CR7 spotter in the return leg after Mandzukic is bundled over by Van dyke - Liverpool will be 8 to 10 points clear in the EPL at this stage but this defeat will kick start an implosion with their fans screaming about insult and injustice- there will be serious trouble outside the ground in Turin with 8 Liverpool fans stabbed
UEFA Cup : Sevile
EPL : Manchester City
FA Cup : Liverpool
Milk/Littlewoods/Rumbleows/Coca Cola/Carling/Carabao Cup : Manchester City

next Man united manager : Pocchetino after Solskjaer does a Di Matteo and wins european cup
Harry Kane will join Manchester United

LOI/ FAI Cup: Dundalk with the BSC second
Irish clubs will have a shambolic attempt at the 2019/20 European leagues - Dk whilst seeded will be beaten by Valetta in Malta

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There’s one prediction up in smoke and the first week of January not even over yet.


And how. The thought of winning the FA Cup is a lovely one, it’s just a pity it involves wasting valuable time and energy.


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Revised prediction for FA Cup winner?

I think Tottenham Hotspur will do it for the late Chas* RIP.

I’d also like to revise my prediction of the winners of the All-Ireland hurling championship to Waterford. When making my original prediction I did a mental tour of the possible contenders but forgot Waterford exists.

*Or is it Dave?

Hurling: Galway
Football: Galway

You can have the rest.

Another ten in a row.
Surely there should be a badge?

Go to bed FFS

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Will Wexford win Leinster?

Antrim have more chance of winning leinster

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