2020 O'Byrne Cup, Walsh Cup and other sundry pre season provincial tournaments

Jesus fucking Christ, what are they thinking starting this shit now.

Not even 2020 in Munster, Limerick and Clare (?) is 29th December :joy::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Laois v Dublin in the Walsh Cup this Sunday is OFF


Laois unable to field. It was only a matter of time before the cunts started fighting between themselves again

Shur half them are gone abroad or not committing next year. Brennan was even stopped by the County Board from starting back earlier than they wanted. You literally couldn’t make it up :grinning:

That’s is just mad. With some relatively strong underage teams coming through they are in a good position to really kick on.

I was told during the week that there is such thing as the Leinster under 19 hurling championship.

Dublin playing Wexford this weekend in it.

Its a wee bit frustrating alright, but thats why we are where we are. Cha and Ben Conroy gone travelling and I could excuse both, but its the lads not going in like Picky and Joe Campion that really sticks in the craw a bit.

The Kehoe Cup in December, sure what else would you be at?

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Some joke playing these competitions in December.

That’s it, I’m officially old and out of touch. Theres a fella after coming on for Laois in the OBC who I’ve never heard of.

Incidentally Ross has come on and kicked two points, what a legend