2022 McKenna Cuo

Armagh and Cavan start proceedings tonight.

Very strong Armagh team named

No word on the Cavan lineup yet.

Monaghan have taken the bizarre approach of naming their starting XV for their second game before even playing their first game.

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I’ll be watching Monaghan Derry tonight.

Lachlan Murray looks a huge talent for Derry.

The game any use otherwise?

Decent match…Monaghan dug it out. Very reliant on long range Beggan frees in the first half though.

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I think Tyrone need a 27 point win to progress. Gonna be a big ask you’d imagine.

Armagh lead 1-09 to 1-05 at HT.

Tyrone improved from midweek but still not at the pitch intensity wise. Armagh have been commanding in defence and are isolating their forwards one on one with the Tyrone defenders and getting good early ball in.

Mattie Donnelly and Rafferty have shown up well for Tyrone. Rory Brennan was hooked early doors for McGeary and it didn’t seem to be injury related. He wasn’t playing well.

I’d expect Logan and Dooher will demand much more in the way of intensity in the second half so it’s a good test out there for them with Armagh taking this very seriously.

None of the new players have impressed much.

Donegal, Derry, Armagh and Monaghan will make up the last 4 of the McKenna Cup.

Is Rian O’Neill the best actual technical “kicker” of the ball ever?

Rory Beggan is tremendous fun.

Big fan of this lad commentating on Armagh-Monaghan.

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Great game.

‘Go halainn’

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This is great fare


The database will need to be updated.

The commentators curse

A win for Monaghan.

A fantastic spectacle to mark Bang’s first live Dr McKenna coverage.

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