2022 NCCA Football -the Road to Inglewood, CA

AP Preseason Top 25

  1. Alabama

  2. Ohio State

  3. Georgia

  4. Clemson

  5. Notre Dame

  6. Texas A&M

  7. Utah

  8. Michigan

  9. Oklahoma

  10. Baylor

  11. Oregon

  12. Oklahoma State

  13. North Carolina State

  14. USC

  15. Michigan State

  16. Miami (FL)

  17. Pittsburgh

  18. Wisconsin

  19. Arkansas

  20. Kentucky

  21. Ole Miss

  22. Wake Forest

  23. Cincinnati

  24. Houston

  25. BYU

Nebraska v Northwestern coming up on Fox.


My beloved Bulldogs in for a transitional season after a glut of departures to the NFL

Might be the camera angles, decent crowd at this.

Nebraska QB looks handy.

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Card machines are down at the Aviva.

Free food and drink.

I’d say 30 to 35k max

I know right!? Totally awesome dude

Split season

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Tis touch and go at HALF! TIME!

Apes queuing for half an hour for free beer, lantern Jaysus

Touchimg scenes here as the Nebraska and NW college bands join to play the Fields of Athenry.

Lads i dont mind saying it I’m pretty shook

@chops91 Is cleaning up above

The wonderfully named Decoldest Crawford returning kicks for Nebraska.

Free pints. College football is great :joy:

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Great scrambling by Casey Thompson,the Husker qb, to keep that play alive.

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Big fumble


At €7.20 a pint I’m delighted their card system failed.