2022 Six Nations rugby championship

Thornley just gets it.




He makes a valid point in fairness. The six nations signals the arrival of spring


You’d feel sorry for all those countries where rubby doesn’t exist, walking around not knowing it’s spring.

:smiley: You fucking gowl.


Fuck up

The arrival of spring … :rofl:.

Take your head for a wobble.

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It’s a very special few weeks.


Fuck up I told ya

Wobble your head i told you…

It’ll be a bank holiday weekend from now on too.

I don’t like rugby but a load of boozed up French and Scotch fans in cashmere and kilts respectively would be a great way to remember what Dr Tony tried to do to us.

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I can’t. It’s frazzled so it is

The Irish squad is named. My sources tell me the Scots left a massive contract on the table for Ben Healy which is why he only signed a one year deal. Farrell is meant to be a big fan so it’ll be interesting. Does Farrell cap him?

Carthy is poor of the tee and carberry injured. Harry byrne can’t get in the leinster 23.



Paris in the spring time

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What’s your prediction? 4 from 5 has to be the target but a win in Paris or London is always a huge ask. Particularly now that the French have got their act together. I’d say we might win in Twickenham though as England are a peculiar team under Eddie Jones recently.

I’d like to see the beginning of the Six Nations moved to mid-April just to screw the GAA. The rugby would completely dominate over all GAA provincial competitions - except the Ulster Football Championship, which can compete against anything - even a football World Cup final.

Dominate how? The women folk and casual rubby supporters that follow the Irish team rarely cross over and visa versa.

There were less than 1,000 people at a Donegal v Derry match that clashed with Ireland v Spain at the 2002 World Cup. I had a video of that championship. Sam 02 or something like that.

I personally think 6 nations is most overrated competition in world sport. Standard is very poor.

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Great marketing tho.