2023 Club Championships

I cant believe Ranelagh Gaels now has 1500 or so members, I remember them starting out and they were nothing more than a pub team as they said. Just incredible growth. And not a blade of grass to their name.

Poor Derry, they can’t help themselves sometimes

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Any score from today’s Box Office Industries Challenge Match between Mount Sion and Doon?

I believe the games Premier Official Fergal Horgan was due to ref it.

This game could have massive implications for my Power Rankings later in the year.

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Is this even allowed? I thought changing clubs was nigh impossible.

If you’ve an address somewhere an intercounty transfer is particularly a doddle

Are Lavey any good?

Derry to Belfast seems a stretch?

Sad to see these super clubs in Belfast at this behaviour. Although it’s just a hobby so it’s the players owh choice.

Hardly. Galway to Dublin seemed fine not so long ago? They could be working, studying, living there. This sort of thing happens when floodgates are opened.

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I have zero issue with the Shane Walsh transfer. Just pilloried by apes who never left the village. I don’t have any issue with this either. People can play for whoever they want. Not ideal, I like the parish rule, but it shouldn’t supercede a basic human right to play for whoever you want. Just surprised that a whole family can be pulled from a club at a whim, without some adminstrative turbulence.


So you’ve no issue.

Why did you decide I had?

You asked me a question and I answered it

It’s a hobby. Lads can play for who they like.

Does that live-and-let-live attitude extend to SKC’s annexation of greater Rahoon?


Boom ! That’s a knockout …

Fuck that. Towny cunts.

I wonder what role Mr Brolly played in getting the Lavey lads to St Brigids