2023 Failed Rugby World Cup Bid & does anyone remember the Interpros


This is win win for the GAA now.

Don’t get to host it - huge embarrassment for the IRFU as they are shown up as a laughing stock on the global stage.

Get to host it - all our grounds get a free upgrade.


Ooft. His beloved blues were fucking glad to have the use of thomond until they got a handout from JP as well


Dont get to host it means the GAA infrastructure remains in rag order. Shocking lack of ambition


Hang on a sec - I thought you believed Ewan’s line about benefits from a RWC only going to a private sector select few. Now you’re suggesting that the GAA would benefit to the tune of millions. About 2 posts later.

You’re some muppet




You’re seething mate. You’ll be in an even more agitated state if you win the vote and have to fork out for GAA upgrades all over the land, all while Leinster play in a show jumping arena, Connacht play in a dog track and Munster rely on the banks not to call in their exorbitant stadium debt.

This bid was a sham. You’ve been mugged off.


So you think worse of the man who battled to hold onto his house that he built and paid for himself (munster rugby) than you do the scrounger who had his house paid for by the state because he couldn’t rattle together two beans (limerick gaa)

Your a sham and you’ve been mugged off


The GG existed long before PJ rocked up. And will long after he is gone.

Anyway this isn’t about Limerick GAA, it’s about Ireland’s farcical World Cup bid. Moaning about the stadia at your disposal and look where the three provincial franchises play!




Its about whatever I say it is

You’re savage rattled


Something old
Something borrowed
Something without a clue.

The IRFU left waiting at the altar.


Good man, you managed to successfully differentiate between your and you’re there.


Stage 10


Bit like the World Cup bid so.


Dan Carter trying desperately to transpose his rage unto others.

Suck it up Carter, it’s over, it’s not happening.


I really amn’t and I really won’t.

I’d like Ireland to get the RWC. I’d be proud of putting ourselves on the world stage and I think we’d genuinely offer an exceptional event. Our stadia wouldn’t be as polished as other countries but the experience woulead make it a lasting experience for any visitors. This isn’t a surprise, our tourist industry has excelled despite poor infrastructure for the last 50 years.

I’d be delighted if the process also put money into facilities, rugby and GAA, around the country. Why wouldn’t I - like most Irish people I go to rugby, GAA and even soccer games. What sort of bitter weirdo would be against that sort of progress?

So - I’m disappointed that it looks like we’re not going to get it but I’m not seething - that’s life.




Isn’t Market Fields where Limerick City play (when not squatting in Thomond Park) a dog track as well?


Carter will have an aneurysm at this rate.


Classic deflection from the absolute pounding you’ve been getting here over a sustained period of time