2023 Failed Rugby World Cup Bid & does anyone remember the Interpros




Take some blood thinners, mate. Bottling up all that rage cannot be good for you.


Stop lying to yourself. Stop lying to the forum.


No it’s not mate.
You must be confusing it with the state of the art greyhound stadium at Greenpark.


No such team as Limerick City, google it again there.


Ireland is a very backward place.


I made it clear that a) I didn’t want the RWC because I didn’t want to give the GGA more money for their stadiums and b) those stadiums needed drastically more work than was being said publicly and it was unlikely other sports would ever get use out the stadiums without being fleeced long term.


The Oirish soccer team remain just long term tenants of Lansdowne Road m8.


They part own the stadium


Not the land m8, that’s still all ours. Long term lease.


Similar to people that own an appartment then . They own the appartment not the land


They own 50% of New Stadium Limited. NSL’s lease at Lansdowne Road runs out. Obviously they have full use of the stadium during it’s useful life, it’s not a bad deal for the FAI at all and they will likely be partners with the IRFU there for however long they want. I just think it’s important to point out to @dodgy_keeper that;

  • Irish soccer would have had nowhere to play if it wasn’t for the IRFU being sound for years, and to this day the still play on IRFU lands. Realistically the Leinster deal is a great one for them - they have a sufficiently sized stadium in a good location for Dublin and the ground is being done up for them. Unlike Munster Rugby, they didn’t get into crap over theirs
  • and as have been pointed out above, for all his laughter at Munster Rugby (and I laugh at them too), Limerick GGA were in as much financial shite as MR

Let’s not get started on his true love Manchester United’s debt issues.


I love when you talk stadia, attendances and tv viewing figures, you’ve an unrale way of putting your information across. You’ve destroyed poor @dodgy_keeper there.


We’re moving onto 2027 guys.

Don’t know about ye but I dare say the USA will have the edge on us in terms of facilities etc.

Dick Spring claims that World Rugby board members were ‘surprised’ by evaluation report


You’re the personification of the generosity of spirit and magnanimity of the Irish rugby community. It’s essentially the IRFU and rugby community that have kept the Eire soccer team going over the last 40 years.


I think the whole of TFK can join in agreeing that the FAI has been a shambolic organisation over the last 50 odd years. If it weren’t for shipping containers, most teams would be changing on the side of a pitch.


You are lowering yourself to the petty level the GGA boggers are operating at with that post.


The FAI are a joke— There to serve a few boys at the top.


If John Delaney was running the IRFU instead of Philip Browne the World Cup would be in the bag, South Africa and France would have withdrawn by now.