2023 Failed Rugby World Cup Bid & does anyone remember the Interpros


And theyve still got to go to Wales and Scotland and get something…


And I’ll tell you honestly


Great news for the GAA


We’re going to make a fortune


the whole country will be lifted


Philip Browne will pull this out of the fire.


He put the fear of god into em…


Free GAA stadium upgrades across the land. :clap::clap:


it wil be great to see GAA stadiums full for once


Make a fortune selling biscuits for the rugger boys to wank all over.


With wifi, corporate boxes and fanzones. It will be magnificent.


This is no surprise . The Rugby Union has always been a true friend of Irish rugby . In 1973 England played in Dublin when Wales and Scotland refused in 1972. No doubt @GeoffreyBoycott will have greater insight in to this great friendship .


Great to see Bono and Sir Bob’s hard work paying off on the mainland.


The Muldoons and @Tim_Riggins will be seething.


McHale Park is going to look like the San Siro or the Bernabeau when they finish renovating it. Tremendous news.

Going to be a big anti climax if we don’t get to host it now.


Some tremendous tactical re-positioning going on this morning.




“Sports Authority Field”

Is that not Tallaght?


Nowlan Park


Castlebar plans, approved by Enda