2023 Failed Rugby World Cup Bid & does anyone remember the Interpros


Disappointing all these proposed renovations still include uncovered stands and unfinished stadia eh CCHA??


What about the new stadium for Cork?


Cork is grand boy, a fully enclosed venue with ample fanzone areas.


Not so sure about Dublin, those pillars have to go. Playing surface will be suitable.




John Delaney suggested this morning he had been brought in to do his bit to bring this bid home given his record of delivering international tournaments to Ireland. Shame on the IRFU to leave it so late but I suppose nobody calls for a superhero until there is a crisis.


Decision Day.


Indeed. As J.V. Pullin (Bristol & England) remarked at the post match banquet after a comfortable Ireland win in that 1973 fixture - “Well we might not be any good but at least we turned up.”


We were all officer class, it’s quite ironic that the yahoos down in trenches who play association football who should have formed a brotherhood turned on one another.


The only time your officers were called out for action, in 1916, the yahoos routed them.


I hope we get this guys, the country needs the pick me up.


We need the dolla dolla bills yall …

I’ll be taking a three week holiday if we get it and leasing the place out via Air b n b and making a fortune off a load of lazer beam rugger supporters… I wont be letting the soggy biscuit crowd in the door,


I wonder would they be interested in buying a fuckload of cowboy hats?


Hope you enjoy the soup




Milk and honey


Today is the biggest day in Ireland’s sporting history since yesterday.

What a time to be alive.


Imagine if this came to pass, I’d fear for certain people on this forum given the goings on of last night as well.


I’m hearing good rumblings guys


What time are we up?