2024 All Ireland Hurling Championship

And only 8 remain. One of the following teams will win Liam McCarthy this year


What a rollercoaster we’re in for over the coming weeks.

The Preliminary Quarter Finals will be

Cork v Joe McDonagh winners
Wexford v Joe McDonagh losers

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Offaly could turn Wexford over.


The round robin rubbish is over for another year.

Limerick v Clare for the third year running and presumably in semple stadium.

Feels like it’s last chance saloon for Clare.

Did they take a dive against Cork earlier in the year?

Finishing third is a bit of a pain in the hole for Wexford. Leinster is realistically the best we can do each season so, assuming we win our next match (& assuming is dangerous), we’ll be sent down to some shithole in Munster to be beaten by a Munster team with a Munster referee in charge. Wexford v Limerick should be in Kilkenny with Sean Stack in charge.


Cork walking their way into the Semi-Finals

Beat Laois vs Offaly winner and beat Dublin assuming they lose the Leinster final. Must be licking their lips

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Is Sean Stack not a Clareman?

Knowing Cork they’ll lose to Dublin

Cork don’t lose to Dublin


We’re approaching endgame

Joe McDonagh Cup final: Laois v Offaly, Saturday June 8

Leinster SHC final: Dublin v Kilkenny, Saturday June 8

Munster SHC final: Limerick v Clare, Sunday June 9

*Both provincial winners through to All-Ireland semi-final

Preliminary All-Ireland quarter-final: Cork v Laois/Offaly; Wexford v Laois/Offaly, June 15 and 16.

*Provincial final losers will play winners for place in All-Ireland SHC semi-final

All-Ireland quarter-finals: Loser of Dublin/Kilkenny v Cork/Offaly/Laois; Loser Clare/Limerick v Wexford/Offaly/Laois, on Saturday, June 22, both in Thurles.

All Ireland semi-finals: Leinster champions in action on Saturday, July 6; Munster champions in action on Sunday, July 7, both in Croke Park.

All-Ireland final: July 21, Croke Park.

Cork will give the Joe McDonagh winners an awful tanking.

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Cork will bate seven shades of shit outta whoever they play.

Wexford will lose to whoever they get.

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A bad weekend just gets worse & worse :rollseyes:

I don’t see Cork being stopped by anyone. I think if Laois get drunk enough they could do some damage but that might be as close as anyone gets

Are ye offering blade lowering services?


Everything has a price

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Money is not an issue.

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Ferris Bueller Wink GIF

The championship starts now.

It’s only the dross like Carlow and Tipperary that have been dumped out so far.