2024 BruidheanChaorthainn betting thread

If .5 equates to 5 euro each way 50 would equate to 500 each way.

A fairly obvious mistake surely.

I’d give him the benefit of the doubt alright. Hence why it’s been counted as 0.5ew.

Neither of the single bets were adjusted either

I’m banking on the ground descriptions being accurate here. It’s saying good to firm but I do have some doubts. I’ve been burnt in fairyhouse before. They like to use the watering can.

The wind is very similar to June the 7th at fairyhouse which means I think forward goers will be favoured and I think that plays to my lads strengths. He’s dropping back in trip so they’ll rock and roll. A wide draw but Chris hayes is a master of these things so I’m not worried.

The better the ground the better our chances anyway. A lot of the horses in this want a dig to be seen to best effect.

It’s barely stopped raining in 36 hours in north east Dublin.


They are holding with their good to form anyway at the moment

Got 5th a bit slow to get going

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Just ran out of it again.

Unlucky, great shout. Just edged out.

Another 2nd


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Jaysus. Your first one is in to 25s?

Wouldn’t read a whole pile into that tbh

More the regularity that your picks come well in in price then drift a bit again before the off.

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Thin markets