20x20 Women in Sport - If She Can't See It, She Can't Be It

7 days into the big push on womens sports for 2020 and Laois Camogie stick 2 fingers up to it entirely by announcing they can’t pull together 15 girls willing to field with their Intermediate Intercounty Camogie side and have pulled the team entirely for the year.

Gas cunts.

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Laois Camogie have finished women in sport after that

So you are telling us that women in Laois are as ill disciplined and contrary as the men . That is real equality .

Properly fucked so it is.

Any pictures available of the now defunct Laois camogie team? :slight_smile:

Delighted to report that this year’s KPMG 20x20 calendar actually includes the dates for high profile women’s sporting events such as the All Ireland Camogie and Football Finals.

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Newstalk gave over their Sunday sport slot to Keane and Mageean Unleashed a female focused sport show. Not sure if this will be a regular occurrence

I reckon that was a filler on a FA Cup Sunday when they had no Premier League match

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Thought that might be the case.

Once I hear Cliona Foley I turn the dial

The volume up?

Thought they did ok considering neither is a presenter. It was light enough fare

Switched it off. Listened to Brian Carthy ask Paddy Stapleton about the death of his sister again (it’s like he suspects him of involvement) and to tell us again about the dark dark year that Borris-Ileigh have had as if there’s a GAA fan in the country who isn’t bang up to speed on every little detail of their mì ádh at this stage. It was just misery porn.

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The narratives -

Corofin pure football
Borrisoleigh tragedy
Nemo Rangers - oddly a small club really
Slaughtneil - remarkable pure club

We heard a lot of that talk

It was godawful. The interview with Sonia was like something out of a transition year project. Not sure how putting stuff like this on the radio is supposed to popularise women’s sport.

There’s a lot worse than Cliona Foley on that show

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