60th Rose of Tralee International Festival - 2018

Starts tonight, I believe.

A very low key build up to the big one this year.

Its possibly been overshadowed a bit by the All Ireland Hurling Final yesterday. Again, another reason not to mess with the sporting calendar. Events in Tralee were very often a signpost for September glory in Croke Park - the Galway Rose winning in 1980 and 1998 cases in point.

Mind you the Limerick Rose won in 1994. If the hurling final was still on in September and the Limerick Rose prevailed tomorrow night, that really could have been a harbinger of doom.

Surname was Hurley too, if I remember correctly, which I do.

“the limerick rose centre” :smiley:

They have qualifiers for this now?

Always been like that for as long as I can remember it anyway

Apparently only 57 roses this year down from the usual 64.

I presume that rationalisation is down to the new sponsorship deal with Cadbury’s.

Needs a lingerie round

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There’s a gender fluid entry this year I believe

Tara is not a fan.

A joyless angry woman .

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Tara is from the same mindset that gave us the laundries. These women who enter the Rose are inconvenient to her and her way of thinking and should be whitewashed

Inconvenient women were still being shut away in Magdalene laundries (the last closed in 1996) and the amendment banning abortion had just been inserted into the Irish constitution. Yet even then, the Rose’s whitewashed version of womanhood seemed of another time.

I see the Carlow one disgraced the county

Did she shit on the floor?, Insert a scallion?

What did she do?

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I remember this used to be a huge event. When virgins were contesting it. We have to indure this fake horse shit now from most of these top brassers.

The brasser of Tralee sounds far better.

She informed the nation that her parents were heroin addicts.