A brief interlude

Site will be down for 2-3 minutes now while we upgrade.

Seamless for once.

Unreal, unbelievable

You’re still at the five nines for 2016 :clap:

Another brief hiatus while I advance the software a tiny bit. Will take less than 5 minutes but you’ll get some error messages from now.

All done.


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Down for 4-5 minutes while I run a little script to update a couple of things.

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Strength and Honour.

Happy new year folks


Is it done yet?


It’s finished. My most seamless upgrade yet. :clap: :fireworks: :champagne:

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I spoke too soon! Back now though.

Fuck sake @Rocko this place is keeping me sane while I am still at my desk working (sort of) mostly waiting for lawyers to make up their mind

Those Christmas hats.

What a fucking touch.


OMG this is fucking un rail…

NOW its Christmas.

@rocko could we perhaps get a Christmas Speech this year from one of our top top posters?