A dirty weekend away

Any destinations worth looking at lads?

Planning a weekend away with herself, any past experiences of good spots & spots to avoid etc.

Thank you please.

Lapsed poster Kev always swore by New Ross as a romantic destination.

:lol: Was just coming in to post the same thing

No offense lad but i lock the car doors driving through Ross.


New Ross! Ew, what a shithole.

why should a weekend away with herself be considered “dirty”? If anything, it will be one to remember!!! If you do want a dirty weekend away, go to Tipp Town. That’s an awful dirty horrible kip of a place…

Exactly, by dirty i mean memorable CP.

Can’t beat a change of venue & time to liven up affairs.

( Was reading your Agony Aunt thread on AFR earlier lad, any joy since?)

Wife or mistress ?

Where do you currently live and whats your budget?

Live in Chipperary.

Not looking to go mad Julio but want to pamper herself all the same.

Is Kinsale worth a look this time of year? Cork is a handy spin to do a little shopping etc.

Not a wife KIB man.

Fagan is your man for this sort of thing

I know someone who went to the Clarion on the side of the road outside Ballinasloe with his missus a while back. :clap:

Roxford Lodge hotel in Dublin has Jacuzzis in the room, ideal for getting up to some freaky shit.

It’s steep enough though.

You have the added advantage of being near the 51 and a possible meeting with some of TFKs glitterati

Cheers Julio :clap:

That looks like an interesting place alright.

well, an extra €50 will usually get you anal…

Unexpectedly yes. My idea of success is, if you go on a “date”, and she agrees to another one. So far, there’s been a handful of them, so I’ll take that as success… no dart yet though.

id highly recommend the Carlton in Kinsale. Modern with a romantic setting, has a very good leisure centre and spa.
It is in recievership also so you should get a good deal.
Id advise to use it as follows,

-use the spa and leisure centre.
-get yourself a nice room with a view.
-eat the breakfast there.
-Dont eat anything else there or use the bar it is shit. If you forsee yourself having a drink in the hotel bring wine from home and get glasses/ice at the bar, do not spend at the bar.
-Use the complementary shuttle bus into kinsale in the evening and get a nice fish supper for yourself, there are any number of decent places that will impress any woman.
-Get her laced with drink in town, the hotel bar will be dead.

Id also recommend the G Hotel in Galway for impressing a lady. Good spa and you can both go into a big wet room that has a series jacuzzis and cold showers that makes absolutely no sense but will be enjoyable enough. i guarantee you she will love it and she will probably suck your cock for going in with her especially if you are smart enough to imply you are only doing this shit for her.
Restaurant is really top class but pricey and again, into town to feed her with liquer.

Steer clear of Kinsale. Much better places in west Cork.

Will you be looking to go on the lash or just kick back in a hotel?

you don’t want to get whiskey dick on a weekend away with herself…